It's okay, if you do, I'll let everyone know!
Sat Aug 18, 2018 23:02

Sadie carefully inspected her sneakers. She had a charm on them to keep all dirt off, but she still took time out of her day to make sure it still worked. She used her thumb to wipe away a speck of dirt that wasn’t really there before placing them in their exact spot. The collection of shoe boxes lived underneath her bed and were organized in a way that only made sense to Sadie. There didn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason, but she knew where each one belonged and what each one held. She gently placed the shoes back in their box and slid it to its place.

“Yeah, I’m gonna join the Quidditch team,” she answered. From her dresser drawer, she pulled out a deep green oversized t-shirt that read Sleep-a-holic in big white letters. “My mom played Quidditch when she went to school here. She was a beater and the best Aquila captain in the school’s history. So I’m gonna play too, even though I’m in Cetus.”

She was still pretty confident that that was a mistake. She belonged in Aquila. Or, at least, Lyra like Hayden and Lia and Chris. The fact that she wasn’t was absolutely ridiculous. What was she supposed to do as a Cetus? She couldn’t even find a passageway that connected to the boring common room. Laaaaame.

Vivica rambled for a moment and then asked about other magical sports. “I dunno, probably. I just know the Quidditch one. My family is pretty into it. When we can find a Muggle-free place, we’ll play games together.” She pulled the shirt over her head and shimmied into her pajama pants soon after. “Elliot plays with us. I bet he’ll be on the team too.”

With a soft thump, Sadie back flopped onto her bed and stretched out her arms and legs. From above, it might seem like she was trying to look like a star or getting ready to make the best snow angel. She loved the beds at school so much. They were comfy, big, and way out of earshot from crying infants. Briefly, she wondered how her new baby sister was doing, but then realized she was probably just pooping and crying like she’d been when she was portkeyed away to school, so the thought passed as quickly as it came.

“Magic people could have really cool sports though,” she said as an afterthought, “Like… thestral racing. Or devil’s snare wrestling. I liked what you said about invisible football. That would be badass.”

  • Let's hope I don't sleep walk. Or sleep talk. - Vivica Dixon, Fri Aug 10 15:10
    Sadie seemed lovely. Not much of a talker so far, but Vivica had resolved to work on that. Sadie could also already fly and that was awesome! Vivica had a real love of heights. She loved going on... more
    • It's okay, if you do, I'll let everyone know! - Sadie, Sat Aug 18 23:02
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