Connor Farnon
A crisis of conscience [Drew]
Mon Aug 20, 2018 18:14

The suspicion had been sneaking up on Connor for a little while, but when he woke up one Saturday morning in a somewhat embarrassing state, he realised that he had a problem and its name, once again, was Marley Chapman.

It wasn’t that they were spending more time together, because in all practicality they weren’t - instead of sharing all the core courses, Connor and Marley now only shared two: History of Magic and Divinations - but the classes were smaller and they somehow seemed to keep getting paired up in them. He wasn’t sure if it was that Professor Luksa had it out for him or that he had the worst possible luck in Divinations, but of the past five group projects, he had been paired with Marley for three of them. For in-class assignments he kept getting paired up with Marley as well, and it was at the point where her outbursts and refusal to admit that he was right more often than she was were just something Connor accepted about Divinations.

Connor was used to his stomach taking swoops and dives around Marley: she had tormented him for two straight years, first by trying to kill him with Muggle cheese poison and then deciding that she capital-L Liked him. It had involved her literally chasing him out of Spellwork. And of course, Marley was now a lesbian which had caused Claudia great distress, which Connor did not appreciate. Poor Claudia had a hard enough time between the antics of her brother and the antics of his brother. She didn’t need Marley getting in the way as well.

But recently, the swoops and dives it had taken around Marley had felt different, and she had started appearing in his dreams less like the crusading harpy she was, and more like - well, there had been kissing involved and that was much more than Connor ought to say on the matter to begin with. However, it had occurred to Connor in passing that Marley, as someone who did not have the same social status as he did, abided by a different set of social norms than he did. Well, that much had been clear from the outset. But in this instance, while Connor could absolutely not expect someone like Claudia to indulge him in something as improprietous as this, Marley’s lack of social understanding could come in handy.

Of course, there was a major barrier when it came to Connor potentially erm - exploring his options - with Marley: Cultural Studies had taught him that African-Americans were a different group of people than people of European descent, such as Connor. And while Connor usually had no problem offending Marley, he suspected that might be anithetical to his ultimate goal, in this instance. Therefore, Connor realized, he would have to ask for advice. And surprisingly, the best person to ask advice from seemed to be readily at hand.

Pulling on blue striped pyjamas over his boxers (with no roommates, Connor was able to relax in his own room in ways others might not) and some brown-and-tan slippers, and walked down the hall to the room of Andrew Tennant. It was late enough that even on a Saturday morning it was reasonable to expect someone to be awake, so Connor had no problem knocking firmly on Andrew’s door. There was a pause before it opened, and once it had been ascertained that it was Andrew on the other side and not Huburt, Connor smiled at him and wished him a good morning, followed by:

“I have a piece of advice to ask from you. How does one go about ah - dating,” that was the best word for what he was looking for, Connor supposed, “an African American?”

    • Signs point to no - Andrew Tennant, Tue Aug 21 10:00
      Huburt went to bed at old person o’clock and got up at the crack of stupid early. Drew’s sleep schedule was shifted a few hours later, and Huburt had a habit of spending Saturday mornings in the... more
      • Do they ever point to yes? - Connor, Thu Sep 6 18:49
        There was something about how Drew responded to Connor’s question that made the English boy very uncomfortable. It wasn’t that Drew was taller than him (Drew was actually a little shorter, since they ... more
        • Ask again later - Drew, Thu Sep 6 21:15
          To Drew’s credit, there was a moment when he thought he would help Connor. Granted he couldn’t help Connor with the older boy’s specific concern because Drew didn’t have any specific insight into... more
          • How much later? - Connor, Mon Sep 10 13:42
            It was clear that Drew believed Connor’s story about his question being a Cultural Studies project, because he invited Connor into his dorm room. For a moment, the older boy felt victorious. Not... more
            • Soon - Drew, Tue Sep 11 15:08
              Oh, man. Connor was totally believing him. Drew was pretty sure the turnip thing was plausible, but the part about the propeller hat had been a little much, in his opinion. In fairness to Drew, he... more
              • How ominous - Connor, Sat Sep 15 16:04
                Connor was really glad that he had talked to Drew, even though Drew had initially tried to pull one over on him. He’d known that he didn’t really understand the African American experience, and this... more
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