Andrew Tennant
Signs point to no
Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:00

Huburt went to bed at old person o’clock and got up at the crack of stupid early. Drew’s sleep schedule was shifted a few hours later, and Huburt had a habit of spending Saturday mornings in the library, so by the time Drew got up his roommate wasn’t there. The third year had plenty to do for his seven classes and five extracurricular activities (well, okay, he didn’t have to do anything outside of practice for Quidditch), so after he got up, he immediately grabbed his guitar to procrastinate all the work he had he had to do with some music. He was playing piano for The Fantasticks, which meant it had been a while since he’d picked up his guitar, and his calluses weren’t as tough as usual. He switched to the pick early on.

He’d been practicing for twenty minutes when there was a knock at the door. Figuring it was Dade—Huburt wouldn’t knock, because it was his room too, and no one else who would be in the Cetus boys’ dorm really visited—Drew put his guitar aside and answered the door. His surprise and confusion at finding the other Farnon brother was obvious from his expression, but Drew returned Connor’s greeting and waited expectantly for him to get to the point.

Oh, no. Hell no. No no no. It was too early for this kind of white nonsense. Drew had been up and doing things for a couple of hours, but any time would have been too early for this. Why would Connor think that the answer would be any different than for Caucasian girls? Because he’s still super racist. Why did he think Drew would know? See previous answer. There was a difference between being biologically black and being culturally black, and Drew was very much not the second one. His dad was like, maybe the whitest person on earth, and the rest of his family was white too (there was Sadie, but she didn’t count for similar reasons). And it wasn’t like Connor didn’t know who Drew’s family was. Even the first years probably knew by now.

And what did Connor want to know about that for anyway? This was stupid. It wasn’t Drew’s job as a biracial person to educate ignorant white people about black culture. Especially when he didn’t know anything about it (except that it existed and he wasn’t really a part of it). Now, granted, Drew had been in a relationship—pretty successfully, if he said so himself, minus the Kit situation—for almost a year (he had already started thinking about anniversary plans for him and Darlene), so he was pretty sure he had more dating experience than Connor did, but it was clear that that wasn’t why Connor was asking.

Drew thought about telling Connor that he was flattered but already had a girlfriend, just to see the look on the older boy’s face, only then Drew’s thoughts jumped straight to Remington. Dod Connor mean…? She so did not need this. It couldn’t be… right? Well, one way to find out. If Connor wanted dating advice, he would have to work for it. Now invested, Drew crossed his arms and shifted his weight to one side, casually appraising Connor. “Why do you wanna know?”

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