Do they ever point to yes?
Thu Sep 6, 2018 18:49

There was something about how Drew responded to Connor’s question that made the English boy very uncomfortable. It wasn’t that Drew was taller than him (Drew was actually a little shorter, since they were both around the average height for boys their age) but something about Drew was putting Connor off their interaction. However, Connor suspected that walking away from this conversation would be worse than actually continuing it, so he decided to lean into the wind on this one and go for it. After all, pursuing his - well, interest was a strong word to describe his feelings towards Marley, exactly, but it wasn’t disinterest. Whatever it was, it was better than making Claudia uncomfortable by suggesting they engage in some sort of escalation of their relationship.

Connor already considered Marley to essentially be the lowest of the low, and could not have cared less about her opinion. After all, his attentions could only do positive things to her social status. She had revealed all sorts of abominable information about her childhood, which had included some sort of living in a tent on a truck or something like that. She should be grateful for the attentions of someone with as much status as Connor. Even though the Dubois were far above the Farnons in social standing, the Farnons were at the very least an older, English pureblood family.

“I uh,” he said, trying to appear cool and collected while unconsciously fidgeting nervously with the hem of his pyjama shirt, “it’s merely a point of interest. I am trying to expand my knowledge of different cultures.” Connor was grasping for anything reasonable and then, by pure accident, stumbled upon what he thought was an excellent explanation. “It’s for a Cultural Studies project. Since African Americans are so different than normal people it is to my social benefit to understand how girls like that think.”

There, that was the perfect explanation. Nobody needed to know his real intentions, and once Drew had explained what he needed to know, Connor could subtly approach Marley. He obviously wasn’t interested in seeing her publicly in an intimate fashion, but he could exchange his civil acknowledgment in public for a more private arrangement. Marley could clearly benefit from that, considering her strained relationship with Claudia. And Connor couldn’t imagine that her parents would be upset if he were able to prevent her from continuing her course of deviant sexuality, so there was that benefit as well. Really, Connor was perfectly sure that with a little bit of help, he could put both himself and Marley in a situation that was mutually beneficial.

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    • Do they ever point to yes? - Connor, Thu Sep 6 18:49
      • Ask again later - Drew, Thu Sep 6 21:15
        To Drew’s credit, there was a moment when he thought he would help Connor. Granted he couldn’t help Connor with the older boy’s specific concern because Drew didn’t have any specific insight into... more
        • How much later? - Connor, Mon Sep 10 13:42
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          • Soon - Drew, Tue Sep 11 15:08
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            • How ominous - Connor, Sat Sep 15 16:04
              Connor was really glad that he had talked to Drew, even though Drew had initially tried to pull one over on him. He’d known that he didn’t really understand the African American experience, and this... more
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