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Thu Sep 6, 2018 21:15

To Drew’s credit, there was a moment when he thought he would help Connor. Granted he couldn’t help Connor with the older boy’s specific concern because Drew didn’t have any specific insight into dating girls who weren’t Darlene, but Drew felt like he was doing that pretty successfully. The advice he had could probably generalize to most girls.

Andrew Drake Tennant’s dating advice could be broken down into two easy steps. Step One: be head over heels for a girl and think she’s totally amazing. Step Two: show her that you feel that way. It wasn’t complicated when you really liked someone, because all you had to do was show them, which was what you wanted to do anyway when you liked someone, at least in Drew’s experience. Within Step Two he could probably make bullet points of what to do specifically: listen to her when she talks, learn about the things she cares about, do nice things for her, be respectful of her boundaries, tell her how much you like her (and be specific with the compliments), and do your best to make her happy. Drew especially liked planning dates. Darlene had liked their first real date on Valentine’s Day last year, and he had taken her out to dinner on Pearl Street a few weekends this year, but Drew was not a one trick pony, so he’d come up with a few other date ideas. They’d gone to see a musical romantic comedy at the Pearl Street Cinema (Darlene didn’t have much experience with movies, but Drew had very carefully picked a classic film he thought she would find enchanting), and as soon as the Christmas decorations went up on Pearl Street, he was going to take her ice skating at the outdoor pop-up rink. The key with planning dates was that you had to choose the date based on what that girl liked. Drew didn’t love the fact that Satveer was dating Kit, but he had to admit that the date he’d taken her on was a perfect date for Kit. It wouldn’t have worked for Darlene, though.

So Drew had a wealth of advice, and, he realized, Connor might be able to help him too. Dating purebloods seemed like it would come with a lot of strings attached. Drew hadn’t gotten tangled up in those strings yet, but his understanding was that the Knights were a very well-respected and powerful family. Everyone at RMI was now aware of what could happen if the wrong kind of person tried dating someone from a family like that. Drew thought he was a good person, overall, but also he figured that an American with two dads was the wrong kind of person in Darlene’s family’s eyes. Connor was a British pureblood, though, so maybe he could give Drew some advice about how to deal with Darlene’s family in the future. They could help each other out.

He thought that was an option for a moment. It was a very brief moment, because then Connor excluded black people from “normal people,” but it was still a moment. Drew’s this-is-bull-ometer was also going off. Remington was taking Cultural Studies too, and she hadn’t mentioned any kind of project about dating customs in different cultures. (Not that Remington told Drew about every project she did for every one of her million classes, but she sure did talk about homework and studying a lot). Either way it was weird, and even if it was true, Connor had decided to super offensively ask Drew about it instead of doing any real work himself. Such an unsurprising thing for Connor to do.

That was when Drew decided that not only was he not going to help Connor, he was actually going to anti-help him. He was going to anti-help and Connor was going to look like an idiot and Professor Blair-West was going to give him a T on this project. “Okay,” he said agreeably, uncrossing his arms and relaxing into a casual posture. “Yeah, I can help. Come in.” Just because Drew was never onstage during the school musicals didn’t mean he couldn’t act. He was Garen Tennant’s son. He’d learned to walk in the wings of Broadway rehearsals. He’d done music and theater summer camps since he was old enough to memorize a line. He could act.

He could also do improv. “Okay, so when you approach her, you have to wear a propeller hat, and when you spin it, that lets her know that you’re interested. The next thing—the most important thing, actually,” Drew said authoritatively, “is the gift. Traditionally, it’s a turnip, but any root vegetable will do. You’re gonna want to pick a really nice one, obviously,” he confided, like he was sharing something that he and Connor both already knew, and like Connor knew what a good raw turnip looked like, “and then you have to carve a heart with her name inside into it. You can use a spell for that, or just, like, a knife or whatever. You might wanna write some of this down,” Drew added, helpfully. He couldn’t wait to tell Dade and Remington about this.

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    There was something about how Drew responded to Connor’s question that made the English boy very uncomfortable. It wasn’t that Drew was taller than him (Drew was actually a little shorter, since they ... more
    • Ask again later - Drew, Thu Sep 6 21:15
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        It was clear that Drew believed Connor’s story about his question being a Cultural Studies project, because he invited Connor into his dorm room. For a moment, the older boy felt victorious. Not... more
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          Oh, man. Connor was totally believing him. Drew was pretty sure the turnip thing was plausible, but the part about the propeller hat had been a little much, in his opinion. In fairness to Drew, he... more
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            Connor was really glad that he had talked to Drew, even though Drew had initially tried to pull one over on him. He’d known that he didn’t really understand the African American experience, and this... more
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