How much later?
Mon Sep 10, 2018 13:42

It was clear that Drew believed Connorís story about his question being a Cultural Studies project, because he invited Connor into his dorm room. For a moment, the older boy felt victorious. Not necessarily because he had tricked Drew successfully, but rather because his plan seemed to be working out for him. Get help from Drew, make arrangements with Marley, and nobody had to know. Honestly, Connor hadnít really expected it to be this easy. Drew and Connor had a sort of quiet truce between them, ever since Connor had apologized for the situation a few years ago where he used inappropriate words to describe Drew and his family. Connor had since been educated and understood that what he did was wrong and racist/homophobic, and that he oughtnít say such things around people who might find them offensive. Professor Blair was constantly pushing a pro-tolerance agenda, which Connor thought was perhaps a bit much, but he had learned quite a bit from the class and tended to let it slide except in the most extreme circumstances, at which point he would politely express his opinion to the rest of the class. The rest of the class had more or less bought into the brainwashing, but Connor felt that it was his duty to represent his point of view. The way that Cultural Studies went, it was almost like the professor was trying to erase white purebloods like him from society.

Of course, it didnít take Drew very long to demonstrate that Connorís plan was not, in fact, going as he hoped. There was something about a propeller hat that Connor found to be very suspicious. Firstly, he was fairly certain that propellers were the things that Muggles put on their flying machines, which seemed like an illogical (and potentially implausible) decoration for a hat. Moreover, even if he did have a hat with a propeller, Connor knew that turning it would make him lift into the air. If he wanted to levitate, all Connor actually needed were some Billywig stings, not some bizarre Muggle contraption.

The rest of what Drew said almost made sense though. Connor knew what root vegetables were largely because of his unfortunate decision to join AgriClub. He had no idea how to pick out an appropriate raw turnip, but he could probably ask Nolan about it as casually as possible. Nolanís favorite topic on any given day was his horse, but he knew a fair amount about food, too. Then Drew suggested that Connor write the directions down, and Connor debated calling Drew out on his first lie. He decided against it, ultimately - the second suggestion had clearly been a more logical one, and if Drew was just going to throw one fake thing in to make Connor look silly, they might as well get that out of the way. So Connor pretended to believe all of it.

ďI donít have anything to write with,Ē Connor explained. ďAnd why does it have to be a root vegetable? Wonít it rot or something?Ē He knew that it was not an uncommon practise for young lovebirds to carve their names into trees, but trees were much more long lasting than turnips, Connor was relatively certain. Plus, when you picked a vegetable it was dead (usually, there were some magical variants that didnít necessarily follow that rule) and trees werenít dead, which was a big part of their increased longevity.

  • Ask again later - Drew, Thu Sep 6 21:15
    To Drewís credit, there was a moment when he thought he would help Connor. Granted he couldnít help Connor with the older boyís specific concern because Drew didnít have any specific insight into... more
    • How much later? - Connor, Mon Sep 10 13:42
      • Soon - Drew, Tue Sep 11 15:08
        Oh, man. Connor was totally believing him. Drew was pretty sure the turnip thing was plausible, but the part about the propeller hat had been a little much, in his opinion. In fairness to Drew, he... more
        • How ominous - Connor, Sat Sep 15 16:04
          Connor was really glad that he had talked to Drew, even though Drew had initially tried to pull one over on him. Heíd known that he didnít really understand the African American experience, and this... more
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