Tue Sep 11, 2018 15:08

Oh, man. Connor was totally believing him. Drew was pretty sure the turnip thing was plausible, but the part about the propeller hat had been a little much, in his opinion. In fairness to Drew, he hadn’t had a lot of time to think of the lie. He’d had to answer quickly so it sounded like he thought he knew what he was talking about. If Connor had called him out, Drew would’ve admitted the hat was a lie but doubled down on the root vegetables.

“Turnips keep for a while,” Drew said, having no idea whether or not that was true. He didn’t know anything about turnips or other root vegetables, but he was pretty sure you could store potatoes for ages, so turnips probably had a longer shelf life than, say, bananas. Bananas rotted if you looked at them wrong.

Personally, Drew thought his vegetation choice had been inspired, thank you very much. He had to talk to Remington as soon as he could after this. She’d know whether their class had a Cultural Studies assignment like this. If they did then maybe she could get Connor to read his essay out loud in the middle of class. That would be amazing. And if it wasn’t for an assignment… well, then maybe Remington could help him figure out what who Connor might want to know all this for.

“But anyway they’re supposed to be temporary,” Drew improvised, the lie coming to him very easily. “So that other people couldn’t find them. It dates back to what they had to do on plantations. Because, you know, slavery.” White people had a lot of trouble talking about slavery because they felt all guilty and awkward and upset about feeling guilty and awkward, so Drew was banking on the idea that Connor would think it was inappropriate to press for more details. Drew didn’t have more details on this at the moment, but he was definitely smart enough to keep up with Connor Farnon if there were any more questions.

And then his final idea popped fully-formed into his head. If there was bo Cultural Studies assignment after all, Drew was sure this would be the best thing he had ever done. “Okay, last thing,” Drew said, figuring that keeping to three pieces would stay in the range of believability. “Instead of just, like, asking a girl out, you have to write and perform a rap about it for her. And if she likes it then she’ll say yes.” Drew said this completely straightfaced, like he was just telling Connor about the steps to take in a Potions assignment. The older boy had questioned the turnips, so Drew helpfully came up with a justification. “It’s because rap is really important to African-American culture. It’s like what…” Was there a comparison? Oh, right, duh. “It’s like what country music is to American white people,” he explained. Did England have country music? He’d have to ask Darlene later. Whatever, it was a good enough analogy, and if Connor didn’t understand then that was probably for the best. “And that’s it. Any questions?”

  • How much later? - Connor, Mon Sep 10 13:42
    It was clear that Drew believed Connor’s story about his question being a Cultural Studies project, because he invited Connor into his dorm room. For a moment, the older boy felt victorious. Not... more
    • Soon - Drew, Tue Sep 11 15:08
      • How ominous - Connor, Sat Sep 15 16:04
        Connor was really glad that he had talked to Drew, even though Drew had initially tried to pull one over on him. He’d known that he didn’t really understand the African American experience, and this... more
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