How ominous
Sat Sep 15, 2018 16:04

Connor was really glad that he had talked to Drew, even though Drew had initially tried to pull one over on him. He’d known that he didn’t really understand the African American experience, and this was a perfect example! The English boy only had a vague understanding of slavery-era America, and most of his understanding was that it had all wrapped up in a rather dull civil war. Someone had mentioned in class something about people still flying the flag of the losing side in that war (which seemed ridiculous to Connor, but he found a lot of things Americans did to be ridiculous, or at the very least nonsensical) but that was about it. He never would have guessed that African American slaves had used turnips as a secret communication system. It made all sorts of sense, too. It was quite easy to hide a message that had been carved into a root vegetable. All you had to do was cook it.

“That makes sense,” Connor nodded, accepting Drew’s explanation. The younger boy was a true ambassador. It must be because he was raised by normal people. Well, normal to a point - but Drew did have a girlfriend, which made it unlikely that he had inherited that less fortunate trait.

There was one more thing for Connor to know, and he listened carefully as Drew explained it. They had done some work in Cultural Studies on music, but Connor had only been half paying attention and what he’d mostly come away with was that American Muggles had some truly odd tastes in music. He had not been a particular fan of ‘rap’ or ‘hip-hop’ (was there a difference?) but it was apparently rather prolific. If that was how African Americans expressed affection, though, it made sense that there were many such songs. Although Connor had a mild distaste for the genre and had minimal musical talent anyway, he wasn’t quite sure how he would go about presenting such a thing to Marley, but the potential outcome made him willing to try.

“Thank you very much, Andrew,” he said. “This conversation has been especially enlightening. I am glad that Professor Blair taught us more about your people.” It was true - without Cultural Studies, Connor wouldn’t have even thought about asking Drew about Marley. On that note, Connor politely took his leave and exited Drew’s room. Before he had reached his own, Connor was already brainstorming about what, precisely, to say in the rap. He would have to be clear about the parameters of a potential arrangement between Marley and himself, obviously, but what else? It was more than enough to keep him occupied for quite a little while. He determined to be prepared to take action immediately after Midterm.

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    Oh, man. Connor was totally believing him. Drew was pretty sure the turnip thing was plausible, but the part about the propeller hat had been a little much, in his opinion. In fairness to Drew, he... more
    • How ominous - Connor, Sat Sep 15 16:04
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