Haven't the foggiest
Wed Sep 26, 2018 17:55

Somehow, Drew’s response was both entirely anticlimactic and absolutely thrilling at the same time. The first part - the ‘yeah’ - was probably exactly what Dade should have expected from Drew. His friend was usually pretty chill. The one exception was pretty much the time Drew punched Connor, but Connor had practically been begging Drew to punch him so it was probably only because Drew was so chill that Connor hadn’t gotten punched more. In fact, just before break, Connor had bothered Drew again for the stupidest reason, but instead of punching Connor, Drew had just played a really funny prank on him. Dade wasn’t entirely sure who Connor was planning to ask out, but the idea of him writing and performing a weird rap after presenting anyone at all with a turnip was so hilarious that Rose had practically stopped breathing because of how hard she was laughing when Dade told her.

So what felt to Dade like the absolute more exciting terrifying thing ever was summed up in a ‘yeah’ from Drew which...was weird because he didn’t understand how it could be anything less than a huge deal. Holland had been positively thrilled when they had taken Dade shopping after he had told them about his conversation with Jenna and his new name. Dade wasn’t exactly disappointed in Drew’s response, he just didn’t understand how Drew could be that chill about something this big.

On the other hand, the way Drew super casually used Dade’s new name was just the best thing since ever. Here, Drew’s total calm was the reason hearing his new name was so thrilling. It wasn’t a big deal at all and Dade really liked the sound of it. It was a little weird and it was going to take getting used to, because so far only Holland had called him Dakota (he hadn’t told Rose yet) and he forgot sometimes that when someone said Dakota they were talking to him now, but it was so cool. It felt exactly like someone had cast Wingardium Leviosa on the part of his brain that was usually stressed and annoyed and it was just floating around. This was so cool.

Wow okay what happened next? Dade had somehow envisioned this as a long conversation, but it seemed like it didn’t need to be.

“I was thinking about telling Anssi,” he suggested tentatively. “But I think Kit might forget when to use which name.” From his initial reactions to being called Dakota, Dade was pretty sure that he was making the right choice (and Jenna was right, Dakota was a much better name for him than Daisy) but he still didn’t want people randomly finding out from Kit, because that would probably be really confusing. There would be the normal type of confusing (Dade didn’t know anyone who had changed their name in the middle of school) and then the Kit type of confusing, because if there was anything that red-headed hurricane could do, it was suck all the sense out of any situation.

  • I wonder how that happened - Andrew Tennant, Wed Sep 26 17:10
    Christmas had been extra interesting this year because Dade and Rose had come with the Kendricks. Dad always liked having more people around for the holidays, so no one was surprised by his “the more ... more
    • Haven't the foggiest - Dade , Wed Sep 26 17:55
      • Maybe you can unfog the future - Drew, Wed Sep 26 23:41
        Drew actually had about a thousand other questions about this, but he was pretty sure that it wasn’t any of his business if Dade was going to start dressing like a girl now. Since Dade had said he... more
        • Let me grab my crystal ball - Dade, Sun Sep 30 11:40
          There were a lot of things that Dade didn’t understand about Drew’s relationship with his cousin, but just the name ‘Kit’ encompassed a lot of those. He had some serious questions about what Drew was ... more
          • I’ll get the tarot deck - Drew, Sun Sep 30 19:47
            “You know,” Drew said, “I really don’t know.” It was probably better for Kit to know less, if he was being honest. Like, if all she knew was that she should called Dade ‘Dakota’ now around Drew and... more
            • Deal me in - Dade, Fri Oct 5 17:37
              Well huh, maybe Drew didn’t have the answers to all Kit-related questions. Maybe it was a little unfair, but Dade had kind of considered his friend to be - well, it was kind of like Kit was a pet.... more
              • I think you have to draw first - Drew, Sun Oct 21 22:49
                Wait. Madeleine knew? Dakota had told Madeleine , Drew’s kid sister, about being trans before telling Drew, who was (Drew was pretty sure) basically her best friend? Drew had figured Dade wasn’t... more
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