Maybe you can unfog the future
Wed Sep 26, 2018 23:41

Drew actually had about a thousand other questions about this, but he was pretty sure that it wasn’t any of his business if Dade was going to start dressing like a girl now. Since Dade had said he (she? Was Drew supposed to use ‘she’ now? Ah, crap, and he was still using ‘Dade’ in his head. This was harder than Drew had thought) just wanted Drew to use ‘Dakota’ in private then Drew guessed it was probably not going to be a public thing yet.

There were still a bunch of other questions in his head, and he kept thinking of more, but Drew reminded himself they weren’t important. The important thing was that Dade wanted to be a girl, and had decided it would be okay to tell Drew about it. That was a big deal. It sounded like Drew was the first person at RMI that Dade Dakota had told. That was a big deal too.

Drew didn’t know whether he was supposed to be treating it like it was a big deal (which it obviously must be to Dade Dakota), or like it was just normal and he shouldn’t make a fuss over it. He wanted to show that he was understood that this was important, but he didn’t want to make Dade Dakota (gotta stop doing that) feel like this changed anything about their friendship. Just because Dakota (nailed it) had a new name and new pronouns sometimes didn’t mean anything would be different about their friendship. Drew had promised not to let anyone mess with—her (nailed it!) no matter what gender stuff she (nailed it!!!) had going on, and he definitely intended to keep that promise.

“Anssi’s a good choice,” Drew said. Anssi was really nice, and Swedish (Drew was pretty sure that Scandinavians were more cool about queerness), and his brother had dated Holland, so the odds seemed pretty good that he would be accepting. Kit—well, Drew could see the argument for not telling Kit if you were as paranoid as Dade was. Personally, Drew told Kit his secrets when he had them, because she was his cousin and his best friend. Drew didn’t actually have many secrets, except for self-defense club, which Kit knew about and hadn’t told anyone who wasn’t supposed to know, so that proved his point. She could be a little scatterbrained and hyperactive but she was also super loyal.

“I think you could tell Kit,” he said slowly. “Like, even if she forgets and messes up, people will just think she’s, y’know, being weird because she’s Kit. Like, one time she told me that Danny is a lesbian, and sometimes she calls people experiment names, and I’ve definitely heard her call Russell ‘Kyle,’ so I don’t think anyone would think twice about it if she called you ‘Dakota’ in front of other people. They’d just think she was being Kit.”

  • Haven't the foggiest - Dade , Wed Sep 26 17:55
    Somehow, Drew’s response was both entirely anticlimactic and absolutely thrilling at the same time. The first part - the ‘yeah’ - was probably exactly what Dade should have expected from Drew. His... more
    • Maybe you can unfog the future - Drew, Wed Sep 26 23:41
      • Let me grab my crystal ball - Dade, Sun Sep 30 11:40
        There were a lot of things that Dade didn’t understand about Drew’s relationship with his cousin, but just the name ‘Kit’ encompassed a lot of those. He had some serious questions about what Drew was ... more
        • I’ll get the tarot deck - Drew, Sun Sep 30 19:47
          “You know,” Drew said, “I really don’t know.” It was probably better for Kit to know less, if he was being honest. Like, if all she knew was that she should called Dade ‘Dakota’ now around Drew and... more
          • Deal me in - Dade, Fri Oct 5 17:37
            Well huh, maybe Drew didn’t have the answers to all Kit-related questions. Maybe it was a little unfair, but Dade had kind of considered his friend to be - well, it was kind of like Kit was a pet.... more
            • I think you have to draw first - Drew, Sun Oct 21 22:49
              Wait. Madeleine knew? Dakota had told Madeleine , Drew’s kid sister, about being trans before telling Drew, who was (Drew was pretty sure) basically her best friend? Drew had figured Dade wasn’t... more
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