Connor Farnon
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Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:52

With only his vile stepsister for company, Midterm had been quiet. By this point, although Connor didn’t quite know what in Merlin’s name was wrong with Dade, he was pretty sure it was the fault of either Rose or Holland, and potentially both. If he could just get some alone time with his brother, the middle Farnon was certain that he could talk some sense into Dade. Make him apologize to Claudia for attacking her like that. Forget whatever nonsense Rose and Holland had been filling his head with. And it was, almost certainly, Rose and Holland - the other people that Dade kept company with were hardly great influencers with malicious intent. Remington was clearly on the correct side of the situation, now that she was friends with Claudia, and apparently had not been spending time with the Connor’s arsonous miscreant of a brother since finding out the truth anyway. Andrew was friendly but dull, and was a bit too bovine to be really promoting Dade’s nonsense. Katherine Kendrick and Anssi Lundqvist were also not bright enough for Dade to listen to, even though the latter was related to an unnecessarily violent specimen of the just-graduated class.

Uncharacteristically, Connor decided to take an brief, early supper consisting of an appropriately spiced chicken breast and some greens before heading to the library. The library was the uncharacteristic part - Connor despised food with too much flavor. He found it distracting, and he also found that it frequently gave him unpleasant sensations that he would much prefer to avoid. When it came to the library situation, though, the reason was simple: when he had intended to work on a last smidgen of homework that had been assigned over the break, the English boy had realized that he had left his textbook back in Devon. While a quick owl to his father ensured that the book would arrive post-haste, ‘post-haste’ wasn’t quite quick enough for the assignment that was due. On top of that, it was an assignment for Professor Blair, who Connor was sure disliked him for reasons he did not fully understand.

It was particularly important that Connor retrieve that book as soon as possible (and preferably without his father cracking the covers) because what he had been doing instead of his homework for Professor Blair was working on composing a rap for Marley. Surreptitiously, Connor had spent much of his break listening to truly abominable specimens of the music genre using his wizarding wireless turned down as low as possible. There had been moments where he had hastily turned it off and shoved it under his pillow just in time to avoid questionable conversations with his father or, once, Charlene. Charlene had looked much more suspicious than his father had, but Charlene looked more suspicious at a given time than anyone had any right to. It might have been the last thing he had in common with his siblings, but he did truly dislike the girl.

Once Connor had completed the assignment to his satisfaction, he returned the book to its place on the shelf, tucked his own belongings into his bag, and walked back to the common room at a leisurely pace, hands in the pockets of his khaki pants and mind going over the rap he had written so far for Marley. It was difficult to express the nuances of his interest in a rap, in part because it was such a heinous form of what could barely be called music and partially because Connor did not want to give off the perception of being rude. He would carve a turnip for her, like Andrew had suggested, and he would do this rap, but Connor wasn’t interested in dating Marley. He found her attractive from previous experience knew that she found him attractive, and was largely interested in clandestinely participating in activities that he would never ask Claudia to participate in because he had far too much respect for his friend. Claudia was a young lady of good background and fine manners, and although she seemed to have patched things up with Marley, was so much superior to the other girl in every possible manner.

To Connor’s delight, it was, in fact, Claudia who greeted him upon his re-entrance to the Cetus commons. She smiled at him and indicated that he should join her, which Connor enthusiastically did.

“As always, it is wonderful to see you,” he responded warmly to her greeting. “I am glad to be back at school and in your company once again.” Connor knew better than to ask about Claudia’s midterm experience, given the current state of affairs with Dardanius and Holland. Connor also knew better than to vocalize specific words that came to his mind when he thought of Dardanius now - in part because they would upset Claudia, and in part because the Dubois heir had made the questionable decision of associating himself with a societal group that was greatly inconvenienced by their suboptimal status, and Connor had learned from Cultural Studies that it was quite rude to point out the misfortunes of such people in such a blunt manner.

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