Let me grab my crystal ball
Sun Sep 30, 2018 11:40

There were a lot of things that Dade didn’t understand about Drew’s relationship with his cousin, but just the name ‘Kit’ encompassed a lot of those. He had some serious questions about what Drew was saying, and none of them had anything to do with his current situation. Even though Danny was dating Holland and that meant he wasn’t straight because Holland wasn’t a girl, that didn’t make Danny a lesbian because lesbians had to be girls. Unless there was something that Kit somehow knew about Danny that nobody else did, which Dade found to be extremely unlikely. He had kept his distance from Claudia’s brother since the incident with Claudia last year, but Dade was still pretty damn sure that if Danny was transgender enough for Kit to know about it, the entire school would know about Claudia losing her stupid little bigoted mind over it. If you looked at it sideways, squinted, and maybe put on those magic joke glasses that made everything appear at weird angles you could maybe see how Kit had got there, but the rest of it was still weird. Dade had never understood Kit’s experiment thing, and although he didn’t know Russell well at all, he did know enough to know that the older boy did not go by Kyle.

All right, Drew had definitely made the point he was trying to make. And if Dade was being honest, he kind of secretly wanted to tell everyone. Well, not everyone. Because that was terrifying. But if everyone could just know without them being weird or awful about it, Dade would be pretty okay with that. If everyone could just forget about him being a boy and just let him be who he was without saying anything about it - well, there wasn’t enough magic in the school to make that happen. But it seemed as though Kit and Anssi were safe choices to tell, and that made Dade happy. He didn’t really have other friends at school.

Jenna said that would change, and that the more himself he felt, the more Dade would feel like he could make friends and be who he was. But that was also kind of a process. He didn’t feel comfortable calling himself Dakota yet, even though he wanted other people to call him that and even though he liked the name, and even though he was so, so happy that Jenna had helped him figure it out. He also didn’t know what to do about pronouns. Jenna and Holland had told him a bunch of stuff about how to correct people who were misgendering him, but Dade felt weird asking other people to use different pronouns with him when, well, he wasn’t using different pronouns with himself. He didn’t feel like a girl. He felt like - he felt different than he had before Midterm, but it wasn’t different enough that he felt confident asking other people to use different pronouns. In a lot of ways, it felt weird to ask people that before he was ready to start dressing like a girl all the time, but he didn’t really have a good plan for how to do that. Jenna and Holland had all sorts of suggestions for that too, but Dade was pretty sure that both of his older friends were born with a lot more self confidence than he would ever have and he didn’t think that he could actually execute any of the ideas they’d given him.

“All right,” Dade said decisively, nodding. “I’ll tell Kit too.” He paused. “Will she uh. Will she understand?” He assumed that Kit was familiar with the concept of people being gay, since Drew’s parents were very clearly that, but Dade had absolutely no idea where she stood on transgender issues. For all he knew, she would think he was one of her little experiments from that movie she liked so much (although she might already, who knew with Kit). Dade himself was still way too new to all of this to be comfortable explaining anything to anyone right now.

  • Maybe you can unfog the future - Drew, Wed Sep 26 23:41
    Drew actually had about a thousand other questions about this, but he was pretty sure that it wasn’t any of his business if Dade was going to start dressing like a girl now. Since Dade had said he... more
    • Let me grab my crystal ball - Dade, Sun Sep 30 11:40
      • I’ll get the tarot deck - Drew, Sun Sep 30 19:47
        “You know,” Drew said, “I really don’t know.” It was probably better for Kit to know less, if he was being honest. Like, if all she knew was that she should called Dade ‘Dakota’ now around Drew and... more
        • Deal me in - Dade, Fri Oct 5 17:37
          Well huh, maybe Drew didn’t have the answers to all Kit-related questions. Maybe it was a little unfair, but Dade had kind of considered his friend to be - well, it was kind of like Kit was a pet.... more
          • I think you have to draw first - Drew, Sun Oct 21 22:49
            Wait. Madeleine knew? Dakota had told Madeleine , Drew’s kid sister, about being trans before telling Drew, who was (Drew was pretty sure) basically her best friend? Drew had figured Dade wasn’t... more
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