Here goes
Sun Sep 30, 2018 12:04

When Connor declared his glee at being again in her company, Claudia’s skin thrummed the same way magic trembled in her wand immediately before unleashing a spell. She caught herself looking at his lips and looked away instantly, fighting the blush creeping over her cheekbones.

She could kiss him now. If Dade was transgender (she wasn’t certain, but she was fairly sure - all the pieces just fit neatly into that puzzle, making sense of things Claudia had not understood until moments ago - and she would need to formulate some scheme to discover whether her assessment was correct) it would damage Connor’s family’s reputation as heavily as Dardanius would injure Claudia’s. The fact that Connor was kissing a girl, regardless of her own personal circumstances, would be completely overlooked in the shadow of such scandal. Considered in that light, both fifth years were liberated by their siblings’ refusal to adhere to societal expectations.

Except Connor didn’t know that. He would probably be rightly concerned by the propriety of kissing anyone publically, and further put off by the prospect of kissing Claudia specifically. She could tell him… she could tell him about Dade, and then he would know. Then he would understand it wasn’t so deplorable for Claudia to kiss him. Great Merlin What was wrong with her? She absolutely needed to stop thinking about kissing Connor, immediately.

She though instead of asking him about his midterm, except she knew already that it would have been dreadful with only Charlene for company. She could tell him about her own, but what would she divulge? That she had seen in the New Year with her Grandparents and Holland because Danny was beginning to encounter conflict in society? No, she didn’t want to share that with Connor. Would she tell him about her experiences at the Christmas Eve ball, that perhaps Jordan Williams might be interested in her? That he’d tried to play his way to kissing her as though she was a prize, not a person? Absolutely not.

She had to say something. “Connor, I -” Claudia began, but stopped as she had yet to settle on any words to speak. She could tell him her suspicions about Dade. She should tell him: he was her closest friend, and Dade his… sibling. “There’s something you should know,” she began, her voice unnaturally breathless. Yet again Claudia faltered: she couldn't bring herself to deliver such awful news to one of the people she cared for most. Neither did she wish to be responsible for yet more animosity within the Farnon family. Although… maybe Connor did know already? He was certainly not on good terms with Dade, and perhaps he was simply too proud to mention the situation to Claudia? Well in that case she ought to endeavour not to discuss the topic.

Except now she had said there was something he needed to know. Stalling for time, Claudia reached out and laid her hand on Connor’s, turning in towards him where they were seated next to each other. Her chest jittered at the sensation, and Claudia’s mind was made up. “While I remain sensible that ultimately a union between the two of us is inconceivable,” Claudia spoke softly, more quickly than usual, and with cheeks flushing pink. “I feel compelled to alert you that I remain excessively fond of your company, and confess my feelings for you are not entirely platonic.”

  • Care to share? - Connor Farnon, Sun Sep 30 10:52
    With only his vile stepsister for company, Midterm had been quiet. By this point, although Connor didn’t quite know what in Merlin’s name was wrong with Dade, he was pretty sure it was the fault of... more
    • Here goes - Claudia, Sun Sep 30 12:04
      • Who knows? - Connor, Sat Oct 6 10:44
        It seemed as though Claudia was distressed, which concerned Connor. He always did his best to avoid his friend feeling in such a way, but the unfortunate circumstance of the school did result in a... more
        • You do - Claudia, Wed Oct 10 14:12
          In the first instant, Claudia regretted her revelation. Connor’s reaction of discomfort was easily observable in his flushed cheeks, and the uncharacteristic ineloquence of his next uttered syllable. ... more
          • I certainly do now - Connor, Wed Oct 10 18:56
            It was common knowledge that the way to cast a Patronus Charm was to focus very hard on the happiest memory you had. Connor had absolutely no intention of getting into an argument with a dementor in... more
            • Aren't you glad - Claudia, Mon Oct 15 09:53
              Personal space was a sacred concept to Claudia. She disliked being touched by most people, and was distinctly uncomfortable when strangers moved too close. There were few with whom she was prepared... more
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