Deal me in
Fri Oct 5, 2018 17:37

Well huh, maybe Drew didn’t have the answers to all Kit-related questions. Maybe it was a little unfair, but Dade had kind of considered his friend to be - well, it was kind of like Kit was a pet. The sort of pet you didn’t allow around small children, or off the leash. And Drew was the one who made sure she didn’t bite people. Literally, actually, since the last time Drew had left Kit unattended in a class she had proceeded to bite a first-year and get a week’s worth of detentions. In Dade’s opinion, that was a pretty good statement on what a menace Kit was, because she’d attacked that first year in History of Magic, of all classes. Until then, Dade had been relatively certain that you could get away with absolutely anything in Boot’s class. The professor was probably as old as the school itself. Way too old to care about things.

But Drew offered to help explain things to Kit anyway, which made Dade feel relieved. It seemed weird that his best friend was more confident about this than he was, but he supposed that was how it had been going this entire time. Before, it had seemed like Connor was wrong when he said that it was irresponsible to let homosexuals raise children because they would brainwash them, but Drew didn’t seem to have any aversion to this whole gender thing. It was something Dade was grateful for, but that didn’t seem normal and it was probably because Drew’s parents were gay.

Then again, if Dade’s father had told him about different ways of being like this, things might have been different. Things might be less utterly terrifying. Probably Connor would be less terrible, too. It didn’t seem like Madeleine was being harmed by knowing about different genders and sexualities, either. She seemed happy, when the Headmaster wasn’t busy detaining Shifty Eyes, anyway. Dade couldn’t be sure since both of his siblings were older than him, but he suspected that none of the Farnon children had ever been quite like Madeleine.

“Yes,” Dade said, in response to the question about his younger friend. “She’s - the first one who knew, anyway.” That might not be strictly true, but she had been the first person that he had sideways talked about the gender thing with. The conversation with Jenna had straightened a lot of things out in Dade’s head, if only because Jenna was the sort of person who just kind of...made things go her way, whether they wanted to or not. Madeleine was different, but she had been just as adamant that Dade could be a girl if he wanted to. “We um,” now Dade was turning an awkward shade of pink. “We play dress-up sometimes, and she - “ no, this was way too uncomfortable. Why had he started telling Drew this, anyway? Sometimes it felt like he could tell Drew everything. He was so kind and such a good listener. “Anyway, I talked to her about it a little bit last year.”

  • I’ll get the tarot deck - Drew, Sun Sep 30 19:47
    “You know,” Drew said, “I really don’t know.” It was probably better for Kit to know less, if he was being honest. Like, if all she knew was that she should called Dade ‘Dakota’ now around Drew and... more
    • Deal me in - Dade, Fri Oct 5 17:37
      • I think you have to draw first - Drew, Sun Oct 21 22:49
        Wait. Madeleine knew? Dakota had told Madeleine , Drew’s kid sister, about being trans before telling Drew, who was (Drew was pretty sure) basically her best friend? Drew had figured Dade wasn’t... more
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