Who knows?
Sat Oct 6, 2018 10:44

It seemed as though Claudia was distressed, which concerned Connor. He always did his best to avoid his friend feeling in such a way, but the unfortunate circumstance of the school did result in a fair amount of bother he was entirely unable to control. It was very unfortunate, all things told, because Claudia was such a delightful and delicate person who deserved nothing but the best. She was talking in fits and starts, about something that Connor should know. He was about to reassure her that she should feel no obligation to tell him something so distressing (although he was, at this juncture, somewhat curious about what precisely the thing Claudia needed so desperately to tell him was) when - oh Merlin.

It felt as though his entire face was boiling hot, and Connor was sure that the color most prominent on his person at that moment was a very, very bright pink. Goodness gracious, that was not what he had been expecting Claudia to tell him. He had been anticipating something much more - something. Perhaps something particularly scandalous perpetrated by Danny and Holland that Claudia had been faced with over the break. Or perhaps that she was anticipating entering into a more exclusive relationship with Nolan (although as Connor recalled, the other boy was more interested in Magdalena) or Caleb. He most certainly had not expected Claudia, his best friend, to admit that her interests in him were more than just platonic. After all, she had been the one to break off their exclusive arrangement initially. For reasons Connor absolutely understood, of course - he had been acting rather boorishly - but it had been her decision nonetheless.

“Uh,” Connor stammered, not quite sure how to respond. He knew that his feelings probably could not be categorized as platonic either. The only reason he was pursuing this issue with Marley was because he absolutely did not want to put Claudia in an uncomfortable situation. Marley was of a low enough social status that it didn’t much matter what happened with her, but now - this complicated things. Of course, given the opportunity, he would much rather spend time with Claudia than Marley. He would much rather kiss Claudia than Marley. But even as Claudia admitted her more-than-platonic feelings towards him, she specified that she understood their relationship could not possibly be viable in the long term. Connor wasn’t offended by the statement, because it was simply a reality. And yet.

“Thank you for confiding this in me,” Connor said, before adding “Although I know it is not a sentiment that can be realistically acted upon, I must admit that my feelings for you are also ah, more than platonic.” There - he had said it. Somehow it made him feel both better and worse simultaneously. On the one hand, he had felt these feelings for Claudia for quite awhile and it was nice to be able to admit that. On the other hand, the act was ultimately futile. Even with the shame that Dardanius was bringing upon the Dubois family, they were an established, wealthy part of the pureblood community and their reputation could stand a single black sheep. The Farnons were not entirely insignificant amongst British purebloods, but that statement largely included Connor’s uncles, with whom they were not on the best of terms, rather than his father. There would be something for Connor to inherit when the time came, and more than initially anticipated as it looked as though Dade planned to follow in Rose’s rebellious shoes, but in the grand scheme of things, an arrangement with Connor would not gain Claudia any social or financial capital.

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    • Who knows? - Connor, Sat Oct 6 10:44
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