I certainly do now
Wed Oct 10, 2018 18:56

It was common knowledge that the way to cast a Patronus Charm was to focus very hard on the happiest memory you had. Connor had absolutely no intention of getting into an argument with a dementor in the near future, but should he be in such a position, he was confident that he would now be able to produce such a charm. Not only did Claudia have feelings for him, but she was flattered by his feelings towards her. Even though this, of course, could go nowhere, Connor felt as though he was, personally and unaided, levitating just a few centimeters. There could be attraction without any personal investment, of course. Connor was, regrettably, attracted to Marley, for example. He had no interest in spending copious amounts of time with her obviously, but there was attraction. If she felt a similar attraction, Connor would in no way be flattered by the attention. For Claudia to say she was flattered by his attention - it made his head spin, just a bit.

If Connor had expected the rush of adrenaline to subside, after a moment it was clear that was not going to be the case for a completely unexpected reason. Claudia suggested the absolutely rational method of handling the situation: to pretend that the exchange hadn’t happened. Just as Connor was about to open his mouth in agreement, when she continued. And then she was moving closer to him, and there was a very awkward moment where Connor froze, trying to figure out what was going on. Then, with some trepidation, he moved towards Claudia and kissed her on the lips.

He had been entirely unprepared for what he was going to feel during the kiss. Of course, Connor hadn’t read up on the topic particularly and it was not the sort of thing one discussed with one’s parents. Perhaps if he had an older brother, or even an older sister who was slightly less violent than Rose, it was the sort of thing that Connor could have discussed with someone. But as it was, the most information he had received about the matter was from Professor Blair, and what had come across in class, Connor had done his best to ignore pointedly, as he thought that it was entirely inappropriate for a school to do such a thing. On the other hand, he doubted that Professor Blair had covered more than the logistics of things like kissing.

It felt like Connor was full of shooting stars. There was an almost audible fizzing in his extremities and he was very warm, all of a sudden. It wasn’t a long kiss, but he couldn’t prevent himself from smiling in what he considered to be a very silly manner when it was done. Merlin, that had been entirely unexpected, but not in the least unpleasant. If it would not be entirely improprietous, he would have moved to kiss Claudia again, but she had very distinctly said that they would just be engaging in that brief acknowledgement of their mutual attraction for a moment, no more. Of course, this was the logical course of action and Connor was absolutely gobsmacked that she had been willing to put expectations aside for even that moment.

“I shall absolutely treasure this memory,” Connor said, a little quietly. He wasn’t sure if Claudia had heard him, but he cleared his throat and quickly moved on. “Of course, that is the correct decision.” Oh no, what if she thought he meant the kissing? “I mean the course of action you proposed,” he said quickly. But he didn’t want her to feel like he regretted the kiss they had just shared either. “Although I absolutely did not, ah, object to the - that.”

  • You do - Claudia, Wed Oct 10 14:12
    In the first instant, Claudia regretted her revelation. Connor’s reaction of discomfort was easily observable in his flushed cheeks, and the uncharacteristic ineloquence of his next uttered syllable. ... more
    • I certainly do now - Connor, Wed Oct 10 18:56
      • Aren't you glad - Claudia, Mon Oct 15 09:53
        Personal space was a sacred concept to Claudia. She disliked being touched by most people, and was distinctly uncomfortable when strangers moved too close. There were few with whom she was prepared... more
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