I think you have to draw first
Sun Oct 21, 2018 22:49

Wait. Madeleine knew?

Dakota had told Madeleine, Drew’s kid sister, about being trans before telling Drew, who was (Drew was pretty sure) basically her best friend? Drew had figured Dade wasn’t ready to talk about it when Drew brought it up in Defense Against the Dark Arts, so he’d just dropped the subject. Apparently he could talk to Madeleine about it, though. It felt unfair, but Drew didn’t know why. Why hadn’t Dade trusted him enough to tell him, when he’d already told Madeleine, when Drew was doing literally everything to let him know it would be okay with him?

“Oh,” was what Drew said. In the back of his head, he kind of got it. With Madeleine, you knew it’d be okay, no matter what you told her, and you knew she would take everything seriously, treat whatever you said like it was the most important thing that had happened all year. Maybe she’d gotten that from Dad—that heart-on-their-sleeve earnest openness that made them good at listening to problems. Maybe Drew didn’t have that.

A spike of worry poked him in the stomach as he realized what Dakota telling Madeleine meant. It wasn’t that he thought it was a bad idea. Madeleine could keep a secret better than most grownups, as far as Drew was concerned. You had to make it really clear that the thing you wanted her to keep secret was a secret—if you asked Madeleine to tell her about her day, she’d give a play-by-play of every activity she’d done and conversation she’d had: she just liked to talk—but once you did, Madeleine took that secret and locked it in a box and Vanished the key. After all, she’d known Dade had some gender stuff going on this whole time and hadn’t even mentioned it to Drew. And it wasn’t that she wouldn’t be happy for Dakota: if you wanted someone to be happy about something with you, Madeleine was the person to go to. She could make a celebration out of Drew coming up with a punny headline for an article. If Dakota said she was going to be a girl now, Madeleine would probably have to be stopped from throwing a parade.

But there was a difference between Dade talking about it and Dakota doing something, like she was now. As far as Drew knew, his sister had never had a crush on a girl. Actually, he was pretty sure she had only ever had a crush on Dade. And if gender mattered to Madeleine, Drew was pretty sure that finding out Dade was a girl now would break Madeleine’s little nine-year-old heart. “She’s gonna be thrilled for you,” he predicted, slipping back into an easy grin. “Just tell her gently, okay? She kinda has a huge crush on you.”

  • Deal me in - Dade, Fri Oct 5 17:37
    Well huh, maybe Drew didn’t have the answers to all Kit-related questions. Maybe it was a little unfair, but Dade had kind of considered his friend to be - well, it was kind of like Kit was a pet.... more
    • I think you have to draw first - Drew, Sun Oct 21 22:49
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