Dade (Dakota) Farnon
[Outside the Commons] Play it again, Sam [DJ]
Tue Dec 11, 2018 09:04

Drew had come to get Dade, which was for the best because if it had been anyone else, Dade probably would have thrown something at the door and told them to go away. But it was Drew, and Dade was pretty sure that Drew could get him to do absolutely anything. Not that Drew would - he was the absolute nicest person, and Dade really didn’t see how he could be with Darlene, who had made Kit so miserable just before break. Admittedly, Darlene had done that by revealing to Drew’s dad that Kit’s pet was an acromantula rather than a tarantula which was kind of fair, but still. Drew had told Dade that DJ was there to see him, and mentioned that he’d specifically asked for Dakota, which made sense but still made Dade turn red in embarrassment. It seemed like Drew hadn’t expected someone else to ask for Dade as Dakota, but it seemed like Drew was taking it in stride. Drew took most things in stride.

Dade had a lot of questions about this situation, including but not limited to how DJ had known where to find Cetus and also how long he’d been standing there before running into someone what could fetch Dade for him. He didn’t ask Drew any of those questions, but went downstairs anyway without bothering to put his shoes or the clothes he had been wearing back on - he had just changed into his pyjamas to curl up in bed and feel sorry for himself, and he was not about to change back.

As soon as he stepped outside of Cetus, he regretted it. It wasn’t as though his pyjamas had an embarrassing teddy bear pattern on them or anything, but his clothes earlier had been much nicer than plaid pyjama pants and a loose t-shirt with a sloth on it that he’d found at a thrift store while looking for clothes with Holland. Not that it mattered. It didn’t matter. Shut up.

“Hey,” Dade said, trying to appear cool even though he had practically run screaming from the Diner where he’d been eating with DJ not that long ago. “I erm, left my wand. Did you grab it?” Maybe Dade could quickly get his wand back and then go back in Cetus and hide literally forever because this was just too complicated.

    • Actually, it's Play it once, Sam - DJ Finn, Sun Dec 16 13:02
      DJ noticed Dakota was super red and he wondered if Dakota was angry at him or was he blushing? Dakota began to look around the Finer Diner and DJ looked around wondering if his stalker was there. He... more
      • What if Sam wants to play it again? - Dakota, Mon Dec 17 09:14
        “What?” Dakota looked blankly at DJ as he said something about Natalia, presumably Natalia Carboni since she was pretty sure there wasn’t another Natalia in the school. Natalia was annoying, she had... more
        • Well then play it again Sam! - DJ, Tue Dec 18 20:02
          Dakota looked blankly at DJ and asked why he would care about Natalia. "Oh, I thought she might be your stalker. I knew she was in Cetus and could get your wand back to you, but she said there was no ... more
          • I said what if! - Dakota, Tue Dec 18 20:25
            “I uh,” Dakota wasn’t sure what she should say or how she should explain Natalia’s perfectly reasonable confusion. The only thing she really had to go on was that DJ had gay uncles and was fine with... more
            • "Dakota is a new name" He started standing in the hallway to Cetus. By the end of his her speech DJ understood. Dakota was transgendered. DJ knew a few trans people from Uncle Riley's life and a... more
              • I suppose that's fair - Dakota, Fri Dec 21 09:17
                It looked like DJ was taking the news exactly as Drew had: almost without blinking. Was that because he was so familiar with people like Dade and Holland, or was it because he had guessed that Dade... more
                • I like fairs - DJ, Sat Dec 29 23:26
                  Dakota's face shifted into a smile and DJ smiled back. It had taken moments for DJ to accept Dakota as a girl because he had only known her as him for a few hours. Plus who the hell was he to... more
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