DJ Finn
Actually, it's Play it once, Sam
Sun Dec 16, 2018 13:02

DJ noticed Dakota was super red and he wondered if Dakota was angry at him or was he blushing? Dakota began to look around the Finer Diner and DJ looked around wondering if his stalker was there. He said he would maybe come to DJ's house and that he had been staying with his sister and had doctors appointments. Did that mean Dakota was sick?

Dakota quickly turned the conversation to Wallowa and why DJ had transferred. The other boy wasn't really giving DJ a chance to reply, and then suddenly he jumped up and dashed away leaving a stunned DJ sitting with a half-eaten meal and Dakota's wand. What the hell had just happened? A few people were moving around the Finer Diner. Maybe the stalker had started approaching Dakota, and he got freaked out forgetting that DJ had offered to walk him back to Cetus.

Welp that was odd. DJ shrugged finished off his bland meal, pocketed Dakota's wand and went off. His first stop was to see if he could find Natalia Carboni in the library. He had Natalia had become partners for the last few Spellwork classes, and he would confidently say they were on the fast track to becoming friends. He knew she was in Cetus and could get Dakota's wand back to him. Thankfully she was in the library, but she claimed there was no Dakota at RMI ever. DJ wondered why Natalia would lie to him...unless she was Dakota's stalker. She had been in the Finer Diner earlier. She had waved at DJ when he entered, but she was half done eating, so he had decided to sit by himself. Did Dakota run out because Natalia had left and he had seen his chance to get away clean?

Instead of handing over the wand DJ got his classmate to tell him where the entrance to Cetus was located. There he had hung out for just a few moments before another boy walked by. "Hey, can you get Dakota for me?" this boy had given him an odd look before saying he could. A few moments later Dakota emerged from the portrait door.

DJ held up the wand to Dakota when he asked if he had grabbed it. "I didn't want anyone to get it just in case they decided to break it or put a hex on it," DJ said a smile playing on his lips as he joked with Dakota.

"Um did I do something wrong earlier? Or were you running out of the Diner because Natalia had left?" DJ asked. He really wanted to make sure he hadn't offended Dakota over something he had said.

  • [Outside the Commons] Play it again, Sam [DJ] - Dade (Dakota) Farnon, Tue Dec 11 09:04
    Drew had come to get Dade, which was for the best because if it had been anyone else, Dade probably would have thrown something at the door and told them to go away. But it was Drew, and Dade was... more
    • Actually, it's Play it once, Sam - DJ Finn, Sun Dec 16 13:02
      • What if Sam wants to play it again? - Dakota, Mon Dec 17 09:14
        “What?” Dakota looked blankly at DJ as he said something about Natalia, presumably Natalia Carboni since she was pretty sure there wasn’t another Natalia in the school. Natalia was annoying, she had... more
        • Well then play it again Sam! - DJ, Tue Dec 18 20:02
          Dakota looked blankly at DJ and asked why he would care about Natalia. "Oh, I thought she might be your stalker. I knew she was in Cetus and could get your wand back to you, but she said there was no ... more
          • I said what if! - Dakota, Tue Dec 18 20:25
            “I uh,” Dakota wasn’t sure what she should say or how she should explain Natalia’s perfectly reasonable confusion. The only thing she really had to go on was that DJ had gay uncles and was fine with... more
            • "Dakota is a new name" He started standing in the hallway to Cetus. By the end of his her speech DJ understood. Dakota was transgendered. DJ knew a few trans people from Uncle Riley's life and a... more
              • I suppose that's fair - Dakota, Fri Dec 21 09:17
                It looked like DJ was taking the news exactly as Drew had: almost without blinking. Was that because he was so familiar with people like Dade and Holland, or was it because he had guessed that Dade... more
                • I like fairs - DJ, Sat Dec 29 23:26
                  Dakota's face shifted into a smile and DJ smiled back. It had taken moments for DJ to accept Dakota as a girl because he had only known her as him for a few hours. Plus who the hell was he to... more
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