You're going in circles
Sat Feb 25, 2017 07:59

The other student professed to be alright, and he got up to prove it. Claudia was relieved, and hoped he didn't think her rude for not putting down her text books and offering assistance. “I’m glad you’re okay.” She liked his accent; she had grown up in Louisiana but with family who spoke formally and she had received elocution lessons since her early childhood until RMI. Claudia’s own voice was measured and as free from regional lilt as she could manage, but she liked to hear variety in the way other people spoke.

When Alistair introduced himself, Claudia felt reassured - she would have guessed something very similar-sounding if she had been forced to do so. “Claudia Dubois,” she returned the introduction. Alistair was a first year so he probably wouldn't know that there were, and had been, other Dubois students in the school besides herself and Dardanius. She didn't think she had heard of any other Hazelhurts.

The now-upright Alistair commented on the number of books for the time of year. Claudia would concede his point, but then right after a holiday was when she was most likely to find the texts hasn't already been checked out by another student's. "Anything in particular you're looking at?"

“Oh, some antidotes research for potions,” Claudia began - that accounted for two of the books, “um, history of the Statute of Secrecy, color-changing charms and transfiguring crystalline structures.” She reeled off a summary of her key interests in the relevant texts, and hope that it didn't make her sound too much like a boring bookworm, or too much like grades were all that was important to her, because she didn't feel like either of things were true. He might be forgiven for thinking that she tried too hard, because that probably was true, at least in some contexts. “My holiday homework assignments could be better,” she explained.

“Did you, um, have a good break?” Claudia asked awkwardly, wondering if it was rude to still be holding the books. She obviously should have just continued to her room without delay in herself further with pleasantries and small talk but she had already inflicted that damage.

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    Now, normally for a boy of his age, Alistair would be a little more embarrassed for a girl to see him sprawled out on the floor in the manner in which he was. He remembered that other boys at his... more
    • You're going in circles - Claudia, Sat Feb 25 07:59
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