I said what if!
Tue Dec 18, 2018 20:25

“I uh,” Dakota wasn’t sure what she should say or how she should explain Natalia’s perfectly reasonable confusion. The only thing she really had to go on was that DJ had gay uncles and was fine with that, and once she thought about it, like actually thought about it, that wasn’t a whole lot to go on. But she had backed herself into a corner here, and even though she now had her wand back and she could duck back into Cetus at any moment, she would eventually have to come out of Cetus. DJ seemed not terrible. And he had gay uncles. And that was really all Dakota was going off of, and this was probably the worst idea she had come up with in her entire life but she was going to do what Jenna probably would have told her to do: tell DJ.

Kind of, anyway.

“Dakota is a new name,” she said quietly, fiddling with her wand before tucking it into the pocket of her pants. It didn’t fit all the way, and the handle still stuck out of the pocket. Dakota knew that fiddling with a wand was just another way of saying you didn’t need all your body parts attached. “I’m gay. I mean, I’m not gay, I’m -” now that she was halfway committed to the thing she was saying, she was having second (third?) thoughts. “I’m a girl,” she said. “But people don’t know. So uh. If you could. If you could not tell. That would be great.” Dakota was absolutely crimson now, and pointedly not making eye contact with DJ. “That’s why Claudia is stalking me,” she continued. “Her brother is dating someone - kind of like me. And so she hates people like us, because she’s a pureblood.” That didn’t exactly explain the entire situation with Claudia, but it was pretty close.

Wow that had been a lot. Dakota bit her lip and tugged at the shoulder of her sloth shirt to make it sit better. She wasn’t exactly holding her breath, but she was very tense. She snuck a peek at DJ, hoping that he wasn’t going to take this badly. She hadn’t told anyone like this before. It was just Drew and Kit and Anssi and Holland and Rose and Jenna who knew. Those were all perfectly safe people. Kit and Anssi were dumb but listened to important things; Drew and Rose would have her back regardless of what was going on; Holland and Jenna were just like her. DJ was none of those things - he had said that he got protective of people, but that was before she had told him. Things could be different now.

  • Well then play it again Sam! - DJ, Tue Dec 18 20:02
    Dakota looked blankly at DJ and asked why he would care about Natalia. "Oh, I thought she might be your stalker. I knew she was in Cetus and could get your wand back to you, but she said there was no ... more
    • I said what if! - Dakota, Tue Dec 18 20:25
      • "Dakota is a new name" He started standing in the hallway to Cetus. By the end of his her speech DJ understood. Dakota was transgendered. DJ knew a few trans people from Uncle Riley's life and a... more
        • I suppose that's fair - Dakota, Fri Dec 21 09:17
          It looked like DJ was taking the news exactly as Drew had: almost without blinking. Was that because he was so familiar with people like Dade and Holland, or was it because he had guessed that Dade... more
          • I like fairs - DJ, Sat Dec 29 23:26
            Dakota's face shifted into a smile and DJ smiled back. It had taken moments for DJ to accept Dakota as a girl because he had only known her as him for a few hours. Plus who the hell was he to... more
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