Andrew Tennant
Three’s company [tag: Will]
Fri Mar 1, 2019 22:17

[OOC: This post is set later in the evening, after the feast ends.]

One. Two. Three.

Drew counted the beds again. There was no way he possibly could have have screwed up counting to three, but what he was seeing just didn’t make sense. He’d shared a room with Huburt the last three years. Just Huburt. They didn’t need three beds because there were two of them. So why were there three beds in their room?

He stepped outside to check again that this was the right place—sometimes the rooms moved around, and now that Dakota wasn’t on this side of the dorms it could have shifted—but no, Drew recognized his own stuff around one of the beds, and Huburt’s stuff at another. Well, okay, he didn’t recognize Huburt’s stuff because Huburt barely had any stuff. Drew’s side of the room usually looked lived-in, with posters on the walls and sheet music kicked under the bed (and, when they got close to finals, clothes he didn’t feel like putting away on the ground too). Huburt’s side was so neat that the other boy could move out, taking all his things, and Drew wouldn’t notice until his roommate wasn't in bed at Old Man O’clock when Drew got back to the room. But today Drew could see other stuff at one of the beds, which meant that that bed definitely wasn’t Huburt’s. It had to belong to someone new.

…anyway then Drew remembered that transfers were a thing, which he had somehow forgotten, and obviously that was what had happened. Dad wouldn’t have been able to give him the heads up about a new roommate like he had about the prefect situation, because he wouldn’t have known the guy would be in Cetus until after the Sorting. Dad should have mentioned there was a new fourth year, though. At this point, anyone jumping into the middle years should probably be given some kind of chart to let them know what kind of welcome-to-the-jungle situation they were getting into.

At the sound of someone else stepping into the dorm, Drew turned around. The person who’d just shown up was definitely not Huburt. “Hey, roomie,” Drew said with an easy grin. “This must be yours?” He gestured to the new bed. “I’m Drew Tennant. Nice to meet you.”

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    • Three’s company [tag: Will] - Andrew Tennant, Fri Mar 1 22:17
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