Camilla Baird
You got to be kidding me
Mon May 1, 2017 23:24

Everything hurt. Every single inch of her torso hurt. What the hell had just happened? The blonde was as confused as she had been the second Ruben suddenly appeared in front of her, said something about being rude, and then she found herself on the floor, what she assumed was a full-body bind, with zero mobility, plus everything had gone black. What the actual hell. One second she was looking at Ruben and the next second someone had assaulted her. The blonde didn't remember much of what had happened since it had been over as soon as it had started.

It had taken quite the effort for the blonde to get up from the floor and walk towards her common room without shedding a tear of pain and smiling if she saw someone along the way. It hurt to even breathe.

What the actual hell? she continued mind chanting over and over, especially since the pain shooting through her body didn't really let her think of much else other than heading towards a safe haven: her room. However, she wasn't strong enough and a tear or two slided down her cheeks as she winced in pain. She had even been unlucky enough to see her roommate, Jessica, on her walk of pain just to find stalled for the worst two minutes of her life.

what the actual hell

Camilla finally entered her room after what felt like a damn long climb. She took a deep breath and winced painfully as she could feel the bruises already forming all over her torso.

It. Hurt. So. Much.

The blonde knew that she needed to take care of her injuries before anything happened, but she wanted to let go of the reins of her tears. However, if she did that the pain would become worse since the extent of her injuries were around her torso. Camilla groaned as she lifted her t-shirt in front of the full length mirror to see the severity of the blows. She blinked and groaned as she saw small blotches of purple were beginning to form where she had been struck.

The Ceti carefully touched a purple blotch on her ribs and winced

“Ouch,” she exclaimed as a tear escaped down her cheek. The blonde fished her wand from her jeans back pocket and carefully began muttering some incantations to help with the swelling and the pain. Camilla wasn't an expert at healing charms, but this would help her until she was able to see the Healer. The blonde did the same with every bruise she could see and get her hands on. After a few minutes the pain wasn't as great as it had been at the beginning. Her eyes scanned her reflection and frowned at the bruises that were still visible.

It took about a second for the blonde to pass from pain victim to completely and utterly furious. Now that the pain was manageable, her focus had passed to the facts of the day.

Fact 1 - Ruben had been a distraction

Fact 2 - She had been viciously attacked by an unknown person, though she had a very good idea of who it was.

Fact 3 - She was sure this had to be retaliation for Marissa Kendrick.

Camilla´s anger was flowing through her body freely with a sole direction: Rose Farnon. It had to be her. Who else would jump out in defense of Marissa Kendrick like that? They were best friends after all, and the rest of Marissa´s group did not have the reputation Rose had thanks to Dueling Club. The Ceti had seen what Rose was capable of, and the younger girl could be ruthless. Besides, she highly doubted the transfer would single-handedly avenge Marissa.

The Ceti took a deep breath as she finally let herself cry freely. She was angry, she was humiliated and she still had some bruises on her body that were throbbing painfully.

She had been mercilessly assaulted at her school and that was pineappled up. She had two paths set before her: 1. Go to the authorities aka staff, or 2. Take matters into her own hands. The former was the sound, responsible path, but Camilla was so angry that her judgement was clouded. She wanted to make Ruben and Rose pay dearly for the cowardice they had done.

Camilla carefully changed into her pajamas and cuddled herself with the afghan her grandmother had given her when they moved to the united states. The blonde found a comfortable position and laid on her bed trying to calm the anger that was still making her whole body shiver.

The Ceti felt so lonely as she slowly drifted off to a very restless sleep.

Tomorrow was going to be another day. A better day. A good day to to get back at those pair of cowards.

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