Connor Farnon
Headed straight for impact [Claudia]
Mon Mar 4, 2019 23:00

While Connor had been absolutely mortified by the outcome of the game they’d played at Claudia’s pool party, the event had not been entirely unfortunate. He was concerned that Nolan might have taken his entirely inappropriate, love-potion-induced obsession too seriously, but the concern had been entirely driven from his mind by events following. Not brief altercation with Remington Burnham, of whom Connor entirely disapproved, but rather something that had followed that. Although the party had been lively, Connor had found himself alone with Claudia at some point in the evening and much to his surprise, had found himself kissing Claudia once more. As with the first time, she had been the one to indicate her interest and he had followed her lead with respectful enthusiasm.

Of course, they would say nothing to their friends about the indiscretion. Connor couldn’t imagine that Caleb would be particularly pleased, although that acknowledgment certainly did not displease Connor, and besides, it was up to Connor and Claudia to serve as role models for Magdalena and Darlene. It had seemed for a moment earlier that day that Claudia was attempting to indicate to Connor that he ought to pursue Darlene - something Connor wasn’t inherently interested in, although he certainly did not consider Andrew Tennant to be an appropriate partner for the younger girl - but Connor had clearly been misreading that, given what had happened later. Still, Connor didn’t expect it to change anything between his best friend and himself. He had hopes that his new relationship with the Knights, one of whom he had interned with over the holiday, stood a chance at improving the situation, but that wasn’t something he had brought up specifically with Claudia yet. Connor had mentioned an internship, but had been deliberately vague on the details. He wanted to speak to Claudia in person about those, but the party had not been the time because he didn’t want to do it in front of the others.

And then when they had not been in front of the others - well, that absolutely not been the time.

Per their usual, Connor had walked with Claudia from the Portkey area to the fire, and then she had indicated that she would be right back and had gone around the fire to talk to someone he could barely see through the flickering flames and didn’t recognize from the angle. It seemed odd that Claudia had someone else to talk to, as the majority of her typical companions had stayed over and Portkeyed to RMI from the Dubois estate, but Connor rarely questioned Claudia. Instead of so rudely attempting to discern what his friend was doing Connor distracted himself by making conversation with the person next to him.

This turned out to be a mistake, since that person was Natalia Carboni. All she could do for the rest of the interminably long meal was tell him how she had Foreseen that he would undergo great trials and tribulations that term. It was bad enough for the first five minutes, when Connor was relatively certain that Claudia was going to return, and then worse for the next ten, when Connor was relatively certain that Claudia must just have been preoccupied for slightly longer than anticipated, but when his friend didn’t show up after that, he became worried. He tried to break out of the conversation with Natalia several times to go look for Claudia, but each time Natalia pulled him back in, once physically, in order to continue to explain just how the omens indicated that things would go wrong.

Connor genuinely had no idea why this Mudblood freak was so fixated on his personal life, but he needed it to stop immediately so he could investigate why Claudia had disappeared. When he finally lost his temper and snapped at Natalia to keep her Divinations nonsense to herself, Connor got up and looked around the Cetus fire for Claudia but didn’t find her in several circuits. When it became clear that she was no longer at the fire, his worry increased. By the time he could reasonably break away from the feast without neglecting his duties, the worry had increased dramatically because not only had Connor not seen Claudia, but he also hadn’t seen his brother. While he never doubted that his best friend could take care of herself, Claudia had been so upset by the bonfires last year...and Dade had also indicated that he was severely unstable and liable to attack someone under no provocation….

Rushing as fast as was reasonable without looking like there was something wrong, Connor soon found himself at the Cetus portrait and gave the password before stumbling in. The first years had dispersed and he was ahead of the rest of the older students, it seemed. He looked around the common room but didn’t see his brother or Claudia. Connor was about to head out when - there, coming down the staircase from the girls’ dorm.

“Claudia!” he exclaimed, rushing to the bottom of the stairs. “Is everything all right? I really should have told the Headmaster how cruel it is to force you to attend the opening feast with all the bonfires last year, I’m so sorry. Would you like me to get a house-elf to fetch you something?”

    • Buffers deployed - Claudia Dubois, Tue Mar 5 04:16
      Having skipped the feast, Claudia was hungry, but she didn’t care. She also had no idea who had been named for the positions of authority (not that it mattered to her; she was personally uninvolved... more
      • Are there enough of them? - Connor, Tue Mar 5 05:37
        It was so relieving to see Claudia as unscathed (and gorgeous, he had to admit) as she had been before leaving him at the feast. Connor had been quite concerned that something had happened, which he... more
        • We’re about to find out - Claudia, Tue Mar 5 09:30
          “Thank you, but I assure you I am not in need of any assistance,” Claudia said as Connor joined her. He unnecessarily explained his prolonged stay in the Diner - unnecessary because Claudia had not... more
          • So far so good - Connor, Thu Mar 7 06:15
            One of the many things about Claudia that made her such a good person was how she trusted that others would be good people as well. Connor flushed the tiniest bit when she said she was sure he hadn’t ... more
            • Diversion - Claudia, Thu Mar 7 07:51
              Connor didn’t say anything for a long while. Claudia could not confess to being surprised by this reaction, typical of someone who had just received shocking news, however she was unsure how to... more
              • Pulling out the big guns - Connor, Fri Mar 8 13:41
                Although this entire ordeal was extremely distressing, Connor was distracted for a moment by the touch of Claudia’s hand against his. Last term they had kissed in the commonroom, not talked about how ... more
                • Who needs guns? - Claudia, Fri Mar 8 15:02
                  Having a conscience was entirely irksome when Claudia was trying to look out for herself. She had successfully managed to avoid admitting her lies - or omissions of truth, which she knew were... more
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