He should probably get that sorted then
Wed Mar 6, 2019 21:21

Will wasn’t sure who Dakota and Claudia were, but he immediately put a sticky note in the back of his brain to stay away from both of them, especially if they were in his house. The last thing he needed was encountering any cat who would cause trouble. He was here to stay out of that for sure. Although, from what he had seen at the Opening Feast and what Drew was saying, there weren’t so many people that he’d avoid it. Rocky Mountain was clearly smaller than Hogwarts by far. They probably didn’t even have a quarter of the people that the UK school did.

“It’ll be a change that’s for sure,” Will said shifting so that his elbows were set on his knees. He was already homesick and the smaller school made him miss the chaotic bumble of the drafty Hogwarts hallways and he hated chaos. But here is seemed like they had a different definition of the word. “I think there were people who I might’ve sat next to for four years and still didn’t even know they were in my house until I left.”

It was a testament to just how different the two places were. Reagan had promised to come visit sometime and he was going to be blown away by how brutal this place was. It being so small was going to make it harder to get away with stuff. “I’d appreciate it if ya could though,” he said haltingly, a yawn forming on his face mid-sentence. He still wasn’t used to the time difference and he was absolutely knackered. “It’d be good to know people, I’m already four years behind on knowing everyone’s names.” He’d be another two behind by the time he actually could put faces to names.

Will’s grin nearly split in two when his chill roomie started talking about punching people. It wasn’t a very Ravenclaw-esque thing to do, but sometimes it was better than clever wand work. The fourth-year could see the reasoning behind it, while he’d never had a slur directed at him, he’d heard plenty of tossers call his dad out for being a squib. His mum was normally the one that would swing the punches, but she rarely ever got to it on account of his dad tossing them out of the pub before they could blink. For some of them, Will sent Faust crawling up their pant leg to scare the bee-jesus outta them. The snake was little enough to slip around unseen and shimmied out sooner than the patron could stomp on her. Maybe he could offer her services to Drew if he ever needed it.

As if sensing what he was thinking, the snake wrapped around his arm coiled tighter in response. He would have laughed at the action, but Drew’s words didn’t seem like something he should laugh at and he certainly couldn’t give Faust away. He wasn’t ready to let go of everything that was familiar and he didn’t know whether or not Drew would rat him out to the nearest authority figure for having an “unauthorized” pet. It wasn’t like Faust was going to hurt anyone, she just wanted to stay up his sleeve and eat crickets all the time. The two had bonded soon after Reagan had gifted the serpent to him and Will didn’t want to leave him behind at the pub. Plus, she was still too small to do any real damage anyway. “Well, Connor Farnon sounds like a gobshite who deserved to be socked in the face.”

Will paused for a minute, scratching at his hair. “All these blokes are in our house?” He shook his head in disbelief, wondering if he would have been better off sticking with Reagan and all the crazies at his dad’s pub. “Not sure I’ll fit in with all these headers. There any other normal people in this place that do normal stuff, or is it just always this crazy?”

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    Five roommates? How big of a school was Hogwarts? It was in a castle, so pretty big, he guessed, but still. If six was like, the normal number of boys in a House, and four houses, and there were... more
    • He should probably get that sorted then - Will, Wed Mar 6 21:21
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