So far so good
Thu Mar 7, 2019 06:15

One of the many things about Claudia that made her such a good person was how she trusted that others would be good people as well. Connor flushed the tiniest bit when she said she was sure he hadn’t been unkind, mind temporarily flicking to the situation with Remington and feeling slightly uneasy. It seemed as though the other girl hadn’t told Claudia anything about what had happened yet, but as it weighed on his mind at that very moment, he began to consider the contingency that she would. Claudia was always inclined to think the best of him, but Connor was entirely sure that she would not take well to the way Remington would frame their minor altercation. Yes, Connor had lost his temper slightly and yes, Remington was someone he disliked - Claudia was much too good for her - but he had been provoked. It was quite possible that he could blame his temper on the potion he had ingested earlier, during their game of Roulettes. He had been acting uncharacteristically during the game as well, after all, as had several of his friends. While Connor was inclined to follow Claudia’s lead, perhaps the next time she suggested such a game he would advise caution.

“I -” Connor said, at the same time Claudia begin speaking, then abandoning his words as Claudia said his name in that tone of voice. Then she stopped speaking, and Connor began to worry. While polite, Claudia was wont to give voice to her own thoughts and concerns, at least around him. To have her so hesitant to say something seemed unusual, and for a brief moment he was concerned that she was about to say something about their second kiss the day prior. Although concerned, Connor gave her an encouraging smile and considered placing his hand atop hers, for support. He decided against it for the time being, although if Claudia grew more distressed Connor thought he might. In the past, a respectful show of physical support had seemed to give Claudia some relief from stressful situations.

Then after a brief preamble, Claudia told him what she intended to tell him and Connor couldn’t help his mouth dropping open slightly as he stared at her, lost temporarily in incredulity. Dade was doing what?

If it had been anyone but Claudia - well, or Nolan perhaps - Connor would have suspected a joke. For some reason he truly did not comprehend, he was not a particularly popular presence at RMI. However, Connor knew that Claudia was not inclined to this variety of joke, and particularly not on a subject so close to her heart. He was aware that Claudia had been working towards a cease-fire with Holland and her brother, but although he had not been informed of any pushback from her social circles thus far, Connor knew it was coming just as much as she did. There was no possible way Claudia was joking.

Connor also knew his brother. Dade had never been one for fancy dress, even mild amounts during occasions that warranted it. He would never do something like this as a prank, and Connor would be shocked if he was doing something like this as a statement. There was no real way for Connor to guess what Dade’s motivations would be if it was some sort of statement, but since that was nigh impossible it was a pointless road to travel down at that moment in time. There was a long silence, in which Connor eventually remembered to shut his mouth and remove his gaze from Claudia, who he did not want to distress further. Clearly the appearance of his brother in such an inappropriate outfit had distressed her entirely in an environment where she was already experiencing undue stress.

“I am so sorry you had to go through that,” Connor said after those long moments, eyes still fixed absently on a cluster of bean-bag chairs closer to the door. He wasn’t sure what else to say because he was entirely in shock, although a suspicious feeling was creeping up his spine as the image of his younger brother in a skirt kept darting across his mind. Dade had been borderline obsessed with Holland Keene, and now that he was spending summers with Rose, it was likely he had more contact with Dardanius Dubois’s largest mistake. Between that, and his friendship with Andrew Tennant who clearly had no sense of propriety when it came to this sort of thing - well, the pieces were coming together. Not that it helped him know what to say to Claudia, or quell the mix of panic and fury that was slowly starting to build as the news sank in.

“I - I am not quite sure what to do,” Connor admitted. Typically he thought this might be the sort of thing one saw a counselor for, but Tennant was hardly fit to be a counselor, much for this reason. Their Head of House was useless for the same reason. Connor briefly considered leaving the common room to approach the Headmaster immediately about the situation, but from what Connor had heard of Headmaster Morgan, the man wasn’t quite bright enough to deal with this sort of thing. The Deputy Headmaster was the next person to spring to mind, and Connor kept that idea as a possibility as he continued to run through the adult figures at RMI, trying desperately to land on one that might be able to stop this madness before it turned into a much bigger problem.

There was the possibility that Claudia had been disoriented and imagined it, but Connor trusted his friend more than that. Even at what Connor knew to have been great anxiety and trepidation, Claudia had gone to investigate what she had seen. He truly appreciated her bravery, and would not let even the smallest bit of his mind question her, although he would have been quite happy to find her in the wrong in this particular moment.

“Is there anything you suggest?” Connor asked, somewhat helplessly. “I can’t possibly - he can’t really imagine - what is he thinking?”

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