Pulling out the big guns
Fri Mar 8, 2019 13:41

Although this entire ordeal was extremely distressing, Connor was distracted for a moment by the touch of Claudia’s hand against his. Last term they had kissed in the commonroom, not talked about how his brother was being - well, Connor didn’t really have words for how Dade was acting right now. And Claudia was right, of course. Dade had to have been encouraged in this nonsense by Holland. There was no other way. Connor had not pried into Claudia’s relationship with her brother, or how Dardanius’s terrible relationship was faring, but from her words she seemed to be suggesting that she had come to some sort of cease-fire with Holland over the summer. Of course that was Claudia’s choice and Connor had always honored his friend’s autonomy, but he couldn’t help but think it was not the best choice. He did imagine that it would distress Claudia if the Dubois family decided to (rightly) disown Dardanius. Perhaps she had decided that of many poor outcomes, this was the best.

Connor wondered if he would be able to do something similar. He doubted it. Claudia was a much more forgiving person than he was and even now, the sixth-year was considering how to break the news to Charles Farnon. Their father would not be remotely tolerant of this sort of behavior and would absolutely pull Dade out of this school post-haste, as he deserved.

However, Claudia seemed to be offering him an explanation that made more sense than anything else. Connor had always suspected that Holland Keene had some sort of mental problem, and as Claudia had brought up what had happened leading up to this unfortunate development, Connor began to see where she was going. Yes, Dade clearly had a mental problem. Momentaily, Connor felt guilty for jumping to conclusions. He had never been quite as good as an older sibling as Rose had (to Dade, anyway) but to have his best friend point out something this obvious made him feel a slight sense of shame he was unaccustomed to. Claudia was so perceptive and caring that she would even bring up her concerns about the welfare of someone who had outright attacked her without provocation.

“You’re absolutely right,” Connor said, keeping his voice low. Nobody else was in the commonroom yet, but it was second nature when talking about something like this. “The school should have looked into that after he attacked you.” And Connor should have thought of it, should have brought it up. He vowed to be a more observant friend in the future. “I’ll talk to Deputy Headmaster Fell immediately,” he said, knowing he did not need to elaborate to Claudia why, precisely, the counselor and the Headmaster had been ruled out. It was clear that both of those people supported this sort of lifestyle choice, even for people who weren’t of age and not equipped to make those decisions.

“Thank you,” looking very sincerely at Claudia, Connor tentatively and briefly put his hand on hers. He wished he could adequately convey the degree to which he was thankful for his friend, who so consistently helped him perceive the truth. “I truly appreciate the help.”

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