Francine Holtz
How far off is graduation, again?
Wed May 10, 2017 00:05

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

That was from a book her boyfriend had mentioned. Francine tried her best to be smart like him, but she found the book dull and dry, and she’d read the first page four times over before she could even move on. But that phrase - the very first in the novel - stuck out each time she glossed over it. That sentiment felt very… relevant. It reminded her of her seventh year so far.

This school year had immediately and abruptly presented her with a new relationship, and she was having the time of her life with Lucien, but every turn was coated with heaps of drama. First the Holland thing, which had thankfully resolved, or so she thought until now she was finding out that more things had happened: Elijah, her friend, had brutalized her boyfriend. The fact that neither of them had apparently thought to tell her about it caused a great deal of emotions. She was furious with Elijah for his violent actions and hurt by Lucien for not confiding in her. And she was plain confused, too, as to why any of them behaved the way they did. Maybe she would just simply never understand boys.

And then Camilla, whose argument with Lucien had evidently been some sort of catalyst for Elijah’s beat down, was now involved in her own slew of drama, mostly with the fifth year class group. Francine had learned the hard way what that group was capable of when Lucien picked a battle with Holland, but apparently Camilla had picked one with Marissa, and now the war raged on.

Francine was exhausted by all the chaos, which meant it had to be a lot as she was normally quite the drama monger. It was different, she had found, when it was people she cared about so deeply. Her friendship with Camilla had been fairly casual at the start of the year, but Francine considered there to have been great strides throughout the school year. And Lucien... She loved him. That was that. She just wanted him to be happy. The seventh year was fairly certain that next the universe was going to drop into her a lap a beaten up Nick or a verbally assaulted Sorsha. Because, y’know, why not at this point?

With a sigh, Francine settled into a chair in the Cetus Common Room, book in hand. It was the aforementioned Charles Dickens novel, A Tale of Two Cities. Her goal was to at least get all the way through the first chapter. And while she knew that was a fairly ambitious aim for her, she hoped that maybe being frustrated with her own stupidity would be less troubling than, well, all this. However, she was hardly a paragraph deep when she noticed someone approaching her. The book in her face did not do well to hide her slightly puffed eyes, so she imagined they were concerned. As she lowered the book to see who it was, she did her best to mentally prepare her “I’m fine” voice. She was Francine Holtz; she was always happy, remember?

    • Probably not close enough? - Elijah Carthy, Sat May 27 00:02
      Elijah had been dragging his feet about a couple things for the last few weeks. After going to Counselor Garen for the bigger issues going on, he’d felt better. Not brilliant, but more human. He... more
      • Ding ding ding! Give the man a prize. - Francine, Sat May 27 01:46
        Oh. It was Elijah. Well, maybe that was a good thing. At least she didn’t really have to pretend there was nothing wrong. Elijah was smart enough to know she was probably upset, both with him and... more
        • I don't deserve a prize - Elijah, Sun Jun 4 20:55
          Elijah frowned as the first word out of Francine’s mouth was a resounding yes. Almost as if he’d been burned, the teen began gathering his thoughts to leave the girl in peace when she countered her... more
          • You deserve more than you think. - Francine, Thu Jun 15 18:46
            She listened. Francine was pretty good at that, mostly because she didn’t ask questions that she didn’t care about the answer. She was very, very good at talking, but when she stopped, she listened,... more
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