Amelia Rosette
Tue Mar 19, 2019 23:33

Amelia was just returning back to her common room after exploring the school. She first went to the Edwards Recreation Center. She was very amazed by the pool table, even more about the indoor waterslide.

Then she found herself outside. She was at the Quidditch pitch. She saw students flying around or talking with friends. She hoped one day that she would be able to fly on her house quidditch team.

After the field, she headed back inside to the Spellwork classroom. It had a blackboard in the front of the room, with six-tiered rows of plush chairs that each have their own wooden desk that rotates into place around the chairís arm. The room is wedge-shaped and allows each student an easy view of both the professor and the blackboard.

She decided to go back to her common room. After saying the password. She saw that quidditch signups were up, so she put her name and what position she wanted to play. Afterward, she sat in a plush chair in front of a warm, blazing fire. Her eyes started to drop. She was tired of the food and the excitement of coming to Rocky Mountain International. She got a little bit more comfortable in the chair and relaxed. Her eyes dropped until she fell asleep.

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