Elijah Carthy
Probably not close enough?
Sat May 27, 2017 00:02

Elijah had been dragging his feet about a couple things for the last few weeks. After going to Counselor Garen for the bigger issues going on, he’d felt better. Not brilliant, but more human. He still felt angry sometimes, but he felt less dangerous to everyone else. Plus, now that he had weekly (sometimes multiple times a week when it was a bad week) meetings with Garen, the intermittent explosive disorder was more manageable, at least (some further research revealed the fact that it was, in some ways, genetic). Figuring it out in those first few sessions had left Elijah drained of his energy, but now he was back on his feet or on his way to it. He had a few things to do before being able to feel fully like himself again.

The first thing on his mind had been Camilla, but there was someone that he owed an apology first. The only time that Elijah had tried to talk to Lucien had not gone so well. It made sense that the other male was actively avoiding him, considering what had happened. He knew that the other male had been to Garen, probably for the formal report. But obviously, the older man hadn’t told the seventh year anything, not that it was his place to. It made it difficult to talk to Lucien, as the older student had immediately taken up a more defensive stance when Elijah had tried to talk to him. It had been only a few moments before Lucien had fled, not allowing the Cetus to get a word in edgewise. Elijah hadn’t been able to find him again after that. All he wanted to do was apologize.

After that, he’d held off on finding Camilla. There was no particular reason to it, he just wasn’t sure how to face his best friend after avoiding her for an extended period of time. Marissa made the next on his list. He’d stopped speaking to her without any clear reason, and the Cetus felt like he owed her an explanation. But that was probably an easier thing to do than dealing with an evasive Lucien. He needed to tackle the biggest demon on his list before moving onto the smaller ones. Camilla and Marissa could wait.

The sixth-year still couldn’t come to terms with everything. Even the punishment didn’t cut it. Elijah had been stripped of his prefect title (not the end of the world, really, he’d never wanted it) and his Pearl Street privileges. They’d even gone so far as to nearly strip him of his Quidditch Captain position, but that particular blow had been lessened. He was co-captaining with Jessica for the rest of term, a probation that would hopefully be lifted the next term. But it wasn’t going to be enough. He wasn’t going to be able to feel better until he was able to at least provide Lucien with some apology. Really, the only way he figured that he was going to be able to get to Lucien was through the other person he probably owed an apology. Although Elijah didn’t know if it was true, he was assuming that Francine was definitely mad at him. It would only make sense, considering what he’d done. But at the moment, he kind of needed her help.

So, it was with a serious amount of hesitation that he approached her in the Cetus common room. He could tell though, that she was definitely upset. Maybe he should just abort mission. With that thought in mind, he almost bolted for his room. Too late for that, though, she’d noticed him. With a sheepish frown, he sat down in the chair beside her, clasping his hands tightly. “Hi,” he said, voice a bit strained. “I, uh, would you mind talking to me, for a minute?” If she said no, he’d leave, maybe destroying what chance he had at resolving things with the seventh year class.

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    • Probably not close enough? - Elijah Carthy, Sat May 27 00:02
      • Ding ding ding! Give the man a prize. - Francine, Sat May 27 01:46
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        • I don't deserve a prize - Elijah, Sun Jun 4 20:55
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          • You deserve more than you think. - Francine, Thu Jun 15 18:46
            She listened. Francine was pretty good at that, mostly because she didn’t ask questions that she didn’t care about the answer. She was very, very good at talking, but when she stopped, she listened,... more
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