Ding ding ding! Give the man a prize.
Sat May 27, 2017 01:46

Oh. It was Elijah.

Well, maybe that was a good thing. At least she didn’t really have to pretend there was nothing wrong. Elijah was smart enough to know she was probably upset, both with him and with circumstance. There were plenty of reasons she was upset, and a good few were Elijah. Or specifically, the fact that he beat up her boyfriend and then everybody apparently just pretended it didn’t happen.

He asked if he could talk to her, and while a tiny shred of pettiness in her brain wanted to turn him away, she was actually pretty eager for this conversation. “Yes,” she answered quickly. But then she realized his question was actually phrased “Would you mind?”, so she added. “I mean, no?” Francine found herself a bit confused, so she clarified, because he probably was, too. “I mean-.. I want to talk to you.”

He was already seated beside her, which saved the breath of asking him to sit. Instead, she could immediately launch into more important things. “I know you probably have something specific you want to say to me, and I’m probably being a huge jerk to throw you all off, but I want to go first, okay?” The Head Girl did not leave pause enough for him to actually answer the question. “I want to know exactly what happened, and why whatever Lucien did made you think you could just… go off like that. Because, like, this whole thing just seems so unlike you, and I know Lucien is really good at making people angry, but I thought you were better than this. And I kinda still do think that, which is why I’m so confused.”

She paused long enough for a breath, but again not long enough to let him speak. “And I wish somebody would have told me, too, instead of leaving me in the dark about it all this time, but I guess that’s a whole other issue. What I really want from you, other than an apology, is to know why.” Francine pulled a hand to her face, swiping at some slow-falling tears as they came. It was by no means sobbing, but she was an emotional person, and a quiet trickle was not unheard of for her. She realized she had said a lot very quickly, and she half-chuckled at herself. “Okay, I’m done for the moment. You can go ahead and talk now.”

  • Probably not close enough? - Elijah Carthy, Sat May 27 00:02
    Elijah had been dragging his feet about a couple things for the last few weeks. After going to Counselor Garen for the bigger issues going on, he’d felt better. Not brilliant, but more human. He... more
    • Ding ding ding! Give the man a prize. - Francine, Sat May 27 01:46
      • I don't deserve a prize - Elijah, Sun Jun 4 20:55
        Elijah frowned as the first word out of Francine’s mouth was a resounding yes. Almost as if he’d been burned, the teen began gathering his thoughts to leave the girl in peace when she countered her... more
        • You deserve more than you think. - Francine, Thu Jun 15 18:46
          She listened. Francine was pretty good at that, mostly because she didn’t ask questions that she didn’t care about the answer. She was very, very good at talking, but when she stopped, she listened,... more
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