You deserve more than you think.
Thu Jun 15, 2017 18:46

She listened.

Francine was pretty good at that, mostly because she didnít ask questions that she didnít care about the answer. She was very, very good at talking, but when she stopped, she listened, because she didnít just stop for anybody. Elijah wasnít anybody.

So she let him talk, and she listened. Elijah had a lot to say, which was surprising. She had wanted answers, but honestly, she hadnít really expected him to actually have them. There were some pretty hard things in there, things that made her overwhelmingly grateful for the otherwise fairly normal life she had lived. Francine had two parents and a brother who loved her and were generally average, minus a few complicated things that had apparently happened before she and Nick were even born. They were stable and happy. Elijahís life, not so much.

In the middle of that, there was a diagnosis. Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Francine wasnít one for remembering details necessarily, but she heard that and latched onto it. A wash of relief fell over her, even though Elijah seemed distressed by it, and for good reason. If his father had it, and it was genetic, then that sounded like a reason for what Elijah had done. And it sounded, too, like it wasnít his fault.

Francine felt herself tearing up again, but not with hurt or anger. She swirled beneath an ocean of guilt and empathy. Of course it was something like this. Elijah wouldnít behave that way, and how dare she have doubted that? Why didnít she have more support in her friend, especially when it was now clear how much he had needed it? All he wanted was to make peace and apologize to Lucien, which was noble and kind, especially when it wasnít even really his fault. What kind of friend was she?

Eventually, Elijah stopped talking, ending on another apologetic note. After a split second pause of final processing, Francine threw her arms around him and held tightly. ďIíll talk to Lucien,Ē she said softly, her head against his shoulder. ďIím sorry youíve had to through so much, and that I wasnít there for you more.Ē She straightened up, releasing him from her embrace, although she kept a friendly hand on his knee. ďAs for Lucien, Iím sure heíll understand.Ē Whether he actually would or not was up in the air, but Francine had a tendency to believe the best in people. And talking to him about Holland had gone well in the end, so she thought this would definitely go the same way.

  • I don't deserve a prize - Elijah, Sun Jun 4 20:55
    Elijah frowned as the first word out of Francineís mouth was a resounding yes. Almost as if heíd been burned, the teen began gathering his thoughts to leave the girl in peace when she countered her... more
    • You deserve more than you think. - Francine, Thu Jun 15 18:46
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