Prof. Kazimieras Luksa
Cetus Speech, cont.
Wed Jul 5, 2017 16:48

Kaz stood to the side for a moment as the students took in their new home for the next seven or so years. He’d rarely been inside the room himself, so he also looked around, trying to mask his own curiosity. He didn’t want the students to think he’d never been there before!

There were large, comfortable chairs throughout the common area, set up in small clusters. Where there weren’t chairs, there were plenty of bean bags and couches to go around. What truly caught his eye was the elaborate, moving mural of the night sky above the fireplace. This explained why so many older Ceti were able to name constellations off the top of their head; they must have spent a lot of time with this mural.

When it seemed like the initial wonder had set in, he cleared his throat. He was happy to hear that he was back at a normal volume. “Welcome to your common room, new Ceti. There are a couple points of interest,” he wracked his nervous brain trying to remember, “Behind you is a quiet study room. Your house shouldn’t get as loud as the Aquila or Lyra commons, but it’s still nice to have the option. There’s an announcement board near there, too, where you’ll see… um, announcements. About things. Things that are important, I assume,” he finished lamely. He nervously stroked his goatee and smiled.

“Right, rules. Um, girls only go in the girls dorm, boys in the boys.” Gender was messy and there was totally a way to explain that anyone not fitting in those silly categories now or later could talk to Ivy at a later date, but he didn’t practice this speech, and he’d already moved on before his brain caught up. “Curfew is at 10 PM, and quiet hours in the commons last from 11 PM to 6 AM. Um… I guess you can talk to me over the next few days if you have problems? Otherwise, Ivy’s who you’ll want to chat with.” He looked at the kids and shrugged. “I’ll chill here for a few if you have questions, otherwise, have a good night.”

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