That's an assumption to make
Sat Aug 26, 2017 07:43

Wait, what?

“I’m not being rude,” Dade protested, a little taken aback. He hadn’t been rude, he’d just been asking something simple. It wasn’t like it was a weird question to ask, especially since this was some random first year Dade had never talked to once, who had been upside-down on a couch to begin with, which wasn’t what you were supposed to do with couches. He hadn’t been rude. It was a perfectly logical response to a perfectly stupid question and Dade didn’t think it was fair of this kid to accuse him of being rude just because he asked if he had friends. Dade shoved his hands in the pockets of his khakis and glared at the first year on the couch in front of him. “I’m just asking because normal people don’t ask random people to play games with them.”

To be fair, Dade did really enjoy wizard’s chess and if it had been someone like Remington or - well, okay, if it had been Remington - he would have agreed to play happily. He wasn’t even inherently against playing with this kid, it was just that being asked out of nowhere was weird. Dade was pretty sure that the first year didn’t even know his name. Also, it wasn’t like Dade had just been loitering around the common room. In fact, the Cetus deliberately avoided loitering around the common room specifically to avoid situations like this. And Connor. And Huburt Park. And his roommates. Although Dade had mostly accepted the fact that he had been Sorted into Cetus, he was pretty sure that if he had been Sorted into Aquila like he wanted, he would actually be able to talk to people in his House instead of trying to avoid all of them all the time. It was stupid.

  • It’ll get over it - Drew, Fri Aug 25 12:15
    Drew had been coming around on being a Cetus. He had pretty much been expecting to be sorted into Aquila for the past sevenish years. Marissa was in Aquila and Drew got along with her really well,... more
    • That's an assumption to make - Dade, Sat Aug 26 07:43
      • I guess I should check with it first - Drew, Sun Aug 27 22:18
        Drew made a skeptical face. No, you didn’t act that blunt and weird if you weren’t being rude. Maybe the other Cetus was just bad at social things and he hadn’t realized that the right answers for... more
        • Can't forget our manners, now can we? - Dade, Mon Aug 28 07:20
          When the kid in front of him told him to work on his phrasing, Dade glared at him some more. His phrasing was perfectly fine, it was the kid in front of him who needed to work on his ability to... more
          • Of course we cannot - Drew, Mon Aug 28 10:50
            Oh dang he’d got it. Most people Drew had mentioned his last name to hadn’t made the connection for whatever reason. He was a little surprised that Dade, who wasn’t a first year so he had definitely... more
            • Otherwise there might be trouble - Dade, Mon Aug 28 11:31
              Wait, Kit was related to Mr. Tennant too? Dade blinked in genuine surprise. And Marissa? Well obviously if Kit was then Marissa was too, but still. But how how someone as dumb as Kit related to a... more
              • Alright, well, Drew got the starting advantage, so that was… something. He wasn’t especially good at chess. He and Josh used to play sometimes when Josh had been at RMI and visited them, but Josh... more
                • Here in River City? - Dade, Sat Sep 2 11:08
                  “I like Kit,” Dade said, somewhat defensively, before blinking in surprise at his own statement. “I mean. She’s good to practise spells with.” the second year corrected himself, before Drew got any... more
                  • I thought we were in Boulder - Drew, Fri Sep 8 18:05
                    “I like Kit too,” Drew agreed, laughing. “She’s my best friend.” That didn’t mean she wasn’t ‘a bit much.’ She could be annoying, too, but it was the kind of annoying that you just let happen because ... more
                    • Drew moved a knight and Dade moved another pawn. Moving a knight seemed to Dade to be kind of a weird move, but whatever. Maybe Drew wasn’t very good at chess and he’d just wanted to do something... more
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