Otherwise there might be trouble
Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:31

Wait, Kit was related to Mr. Tennant too? Dade blinked in genuine surprise. And Marissa? Well obviously if Kit was then Marissa was too, but still. But how how someone as dumb as Kit related to a person who worked at a school? Dade paused. Did that mean he would have to stop hexing her? It hadn’t been a problem so far (she thought it was funny, usually) but hexing the counselor’s niece sounded like a great way to get detention. Also - Professor McKindy was Drew’s stepdad? Dade supposed he had never seen a Mrs. Tennant around the school, he wasn’t sure what to think about Professor McKindy being Mrs. Tennant. Plus, Dade would have thought that Mrs. Tennant would look more like Drew, because Drew’s skin was much more like Remington’s than Mr. Tennant’s. Maybe Professor McKindy was like Holland, and he did things that were for different genders? But didn’t married people usually have the same last name? Although Dade could see why it might be confusing to have a Mr. Tennant and a Professor Tennant at the same place.

Now, he had known about Headmaster Bonilla’s daughter, although he hadn’t realized that he hadn’t seen her this year, probably because she wasn’t his friend so he didn’t care. To be fair, that put much of the school on the list of things he didn’t care about, but Dade was okay with that. Although he wasn’t sure where to put Kit. He kind of cared about what she was doing, insofar as he would like her to not tattle on him and also using her for target practice was fun. But he also didn’t feel about Kit the same way he felt about Remington.

Still processing the new information, Dade followed Drew to the chess set and sat down. There was usually an upperclassman here, but it looked like he had found something better to do today. “Black,” the second year said. He preferred to play black, when possible. Chess was a thing he was pretty good at, so it almost felt like cheating sometimes when he picked white.

“You don’t look anything like Kit,” Dade informed Drew. “And you don’t act anything like her either.”

  • Of course we cannot - Drew, Mon Aug 28 10:50
    Oh dang he’d got it. Most people Drew had mentioned his last name to hadn’t made the connection for whatever reason. He was a little surprised that Dade, who wasn’t a first year so he had definitely... more
    • Otherwise there might be trouble - Dade, Mon Aug 28 11:31
      • Alright, well, Drew got the starting advantage, so that was… something. He wasn’t especially good at chess. He and Josh used to play sometimes when Josh had been at RMI and visited them, but Josh... more
        • Here in River City? - Dade, Sat Sep 2 11:08
          “I like Kit,” Dade said, somewhat defensively, before blinking in surprise at his own statement. “I mean. She’s good to practise spells with.” the second year corrected himself, before Drew got any... more
          • I thought we were in Boulder - Drew, Fri Sep 8 18:05
            “I like Kit too,” Drew agreed, laughing. “She’s my best friend.” That didn’t mean she wasn’t ‘a bit much.’ She could be annoying, too, but it was the kind of annoying that you just let happen because ... more
            • Drew moved a knight and Dade moved another pawn. Moving a knight seemed to Dade to be kind of a weird move, but whatever. Maybe Drew wasn’t very good at chess and he’d just wanted to do something... more
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