Here in River City?
Sat Sep 2, 2017 11:08

“I like Kit,” Dade said, somewhat defensively, before blinking in surprise at his own statement. “I mean. She’s good to practise spells with.” the second year corrected himself, before Drew got any weird ideas about him and Kit. Kit was good for target practise and sometimes she said things that were funny, but that was it. They weren’t actually friends or anything. Dade’s only friend was Remington and he liked keeping it that way. They didn’t need anyone else intruding on their friendship, and Kit was definitely annoying and intrusive. “When she’s not being annoying,” he added, just to make sure that his point about not actually liking Kit was clear.

“Pawn to F5,” was the next thing that came out of his mouth. Chess was a safe thing to focus on, instead of Drew’s cousin or niece or friend or whatever Kit was. Dade thought that Drew’s entire family structure sounded stupid and fake. He wasn’t sure what he thought about people being adopted in general (except that sometimes he wished that Connor was adopted) but he thought it was weird for two men to adopt a child, and he thought it was even weirder for people to claim to be related when they really weren’t. Dade was very clear with everyone who knew about her that Charlene was not actually related to him, and he was pretty sure that his step-sister was just as clear with her friends that the real Farnons weren’t related to her. Her stupid friends that went to stupid Hogwarts. Who cared what they thought anyway.

Looking around the common room, Dade noted that it was still mostly empty, which seemed weird for a Saturday. He was always paranoid that one of the people he was avoiding was going to come into the commons whenever he spent more than a little bit of time there. Regardless of how Dade actually felt about Drew, he knew that Connor would tell him it was inappropriate to spend time with him because Connor didn’t like it when Dade had friends apparently. Not that Drew was his friend. It was an example.

“Why didn’t your mum want you, anyway?” Dade asked bluntly.

  • Alright, well, Drew got the starting advantage, so that was… something. He wasn’t especially good at chess. He and Josh used to play sometimes when Josh had been at RMI and visited them, but Josh... more
    • Here in River City? - Dade, Sat Sep 2 11:08
      • I thought we were in Boulder - Drew, Fri Sep 8 18:05
        “I like Kit too,” Drew agreed, laughing. “She’s my best friend.” That didn’t mean she wasn’t ‘a bit much.’ She could be annoying, too, but it was the kind of annoying that you just let happen because ... more
        • Drew moved a knight and Dade moved another pawn. Moving a knight seemed to Dade to be kind of a weird move, but whatever. Maybe Drew wasn’t very good at chess and he’d just wanted to do something... more
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