I thought we were in Boulder
Fri Sep 8, 2017 18:05

“I like Kit too,” Drew agreed, laughing. “She’s my best friend.” That didn’t mean she wasn’t ‘a bit much.’ She could be annoying, too, but it was the kind of annoying that you just let happen because Kit was still pretty fun. She was just annoying in a good way. Like, she was a really good person to be around if you were bored, because she’d come up with something awesome to do, and it was always fun even if you didn’t want to do it at first. “You get used to her,” he promised. “She’s really fun, and most of the time doesn’t get in trouble.” Sometimes they got in trouble because of things that had been Kit’s idea, but usually it was worth it, and at least they were in trouble together.

Drew moved his knight so that he could eventually castle. Chess was less fun than cards, although it would be better when they started taking pieces and more smashing happened. Drew didn’t know how to plan for a long game of chess, so he was only vaguely considering options when Dade asked, “Why didn’t your mum want you, anyway?

Well, that was a weird question from someone he’d barely talked to. Also a weird question in general. From what Drew understood it wasn’t that Jessie didn’t want him, she just knew that Dad would’ve wanted him more. And his biodad wasn’t in the picture, so she made the decision by herself.

Drew shrugged. “It just wouldn’t have worked. So she gave me to my dad. If you met Jessie you’d get it.” Thank kind of summed it up. Jessie just wasn’t a motherly kind of person, except to her dragons. She was weirdly mom-like when it came to the dragons. Maybe it was a fair question. “She’s Aaron’s—Professor McKindy’s—daughter, so it’s not like we never see her. She comes for Christmas and stuff.” Or for just whenever she felt like it. They saw Jessie more often than they saw Uncle Zeke, Drew’s godfather who was a Muggle and lived in New Zealand, but they saw Uncle Zeke more reliably. Jessie just showed up sometimes. It was always exciting and cool and sometimes Dad let them go visit the dragons with her, which was awesome.

  • Here in River City? - Dade, Sat Sep 2 11:08
    “I like Kit,” Dade said, somewhat defensively, before blinking in surprise at his own statement. “I mean. She’s good to practise spells with.” the second year corrected himself, before Drew got any... more
    • I thought we were in Boulder - Drew, Fri Sep 8 18:05
      • Drew moved a knight and Dade moved another pawn. Moving a knight seemed to Dade to be kind of a weird move, but whatever. Maybe Drew wasn’t very good at chess and he’d just wanted to do something... more
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