Professor Ivy Rasnick
The Room Where It happens. [Tag Newbies]
Tue Jan 10, 2017 18:27

Inside the kids were greeted with their common room. It had comfortable chairs in small clusters, lots of bean bags and couches were also scattered around. Once every kid was in Ivy flounced in and stood in front of the House fireplace that held and elaborate, moving mural of the night sky. Ivy knew a few upperclassmen who had bragged to her about their ability to name constellations on sight from years of practice in their common room. Huzzah for them, they’d have a better time bragging to Eva Ramirez who cared about the night sky.

“So guys this is your common room, behind you, there’s a quiet study room. The upperclassmen take the quiet part of that pretty seriously. Here in the common room, you can talk, but I’d suggest whispers only in the study room. Besides that here is the announcement board. Quidditch sign ups and other announcements will be posted here along with the updated password once a month.” Ivy paused and looked around at the students.

“A few rules, Boys only in the boys' dorm. Girls only in the girls' dorm. Makes sense you're all smart young people. Curfew is at ten pm and quiet hours are between eleven pm and six am. I am available whenever you need me to solve issues. Any questions? If not time for you to go up to bed.”

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