Maverick Buchannan
This is as friendly as I get [Russell]
Sat Sep 30, 2017 18:06

With a complete semester at RMI under his belt now, Mave was coming to the conclusion that nobody here cared about him. That was a good thing, a pleasant change of pace compared to his previous schools where he was the talk of the town. He could scarcely go through a hallway without at least fifteen pairs of staring eyes digging into his fluffy hair. Here, a couple people looked at him weird (like that blond kid Holland was friends with) but overall, he was surprisingly good at blending in here.

Having had no major incidents regarding his identity, he felt himself begin to relax slightly. Maverick Buchannan was incapable of total relaxation, and his guarding walls were still firmly around him, but he wasn't quite so afraid anymore. And today, feeling a bit more feminine, he allowed himself to dress to it. He still wore his binder, finding his breasts alien and wrong even on feminine days, but the clothes themselves came from the women’s section, and he wore his hair down, the blue-tinted sunglasses poking out on top.

His blue theme went well with the blue of Cetus common room, although one sore thumb across the way stood out against it: Russell Drews and his ever-clashing attire. Mave sighed. Russell was weird and spazzy, but Maverick knew looking back to their interaction at the opening feast that he had been unfair to the younger boy. He'd seen and heard enough to gather since then that Russell was pretty much harmless.

So, with a shrug, he went over and sat down beside Russell. “Hey,” he said, his tone fairly flat. “Have you started on that essay for magical sciences yet? The one about applying Newtonian laws or whatever? Because I'm lost.” Maverick made as much eye contact as Russell would allow, hoping that he could figure out that this was Mave’s version of an apology. Russell was, by report, somebody awkward and maybe even kinda disliked, and, as a professional reject himself, Maverick was starting to think that maybe he'd been too hard on him.

    • I'm confused - Russell Drew, Sat Sep 30 23:51
      Perched cross-legged on the couch, Russell paused briefly in his scribbling to readjust his notebook where it was resting against one bony knee. He didn’t write home very often, because his life here ... more
      • You're always confused though. - Maverick, Tue Oct 3 14:07
        A thought occurred to him: Russell's hair didn't look like it's usual disaster. Huh. Mave was actually kinda surprised he hadn't noticed earlier, but he supposed he was too occupied by being blinded... more
        • You're really not helping this situation - Russell, Thu Oct 5 23:11
          He offered up a tentative shrug. “Sure?” Even when using just single words, they often came out sounding like a question. This was apparently no exception. Russell couldn’t help feeling a very tiny... more
          • Whatever, I'm doing my best - Maverick, Sun Oct 15 13:48
            Admittedly, Mave was pretty bad at taking compliments. When Holland had reacted positively to his art, his immediate reaction had been to disagree (which was his immediate reaction to most things,... more
            • I guess I'll try harder, too - Russell, Mon Oct 16 20:44
              Jaws had a very strong sense of loyalty. Not to his owner, oh, gosh no. Jaws was fiercely loyal to two things and two things only, namely (a) getting attention and (b) getting food. The extended hand ... more
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