Russell Drew
I'm confused
Sat Sep 30, 2017 23:51

Perched cross-legged on the couch, Russell paused briefly in his scribbling to readjust his notebook where it was resting against one bony knee. He didn’t write home very often, because his life here passed quickly enough that writing seemed a moot point, but it was his parent’s anniversary coming up and he liked to reach out to them for that. Even if it was just a letter. And even if his parents didn’t really celebrate it themselves, at least, assuming this year followed the same pattern as in the past. His mom always seemed to get booked for extra shifts at the restaurant; he’d overheard her on more than a few occasions joking (kind of) about how they never should’ve gotten married within a month of Valentine’s, because no matter where in the month it was, things were just too busy at work to get the time off.

He had also, on much less than a few occasions, caught himself making an absent mental note to never get married within a month of Valentine’s, just in case his future partner (obviously not himself) wound up working a similar job. Russell found it easier to pretend these random thoughts hadn’t existed at all.

The teen spun his pencil around to rub out a misspell, and then closed his eyes to think for a moment about what to write next, still twirling the pencil around his fingers. It was easiest to think with his eyes closed, because where else was he supposed to look? Across the room was too distracting with the other students milling about, and his notebook, although made of a special darker-toned paper, was still white enough to irritate him if he stared at it too long.

On the upside, despite spending what was both too long and also not long enough sitting still while Holland worked on his hair, Russell had not left with a persistent headache like he’d expected to. Somehow, they figured out how to give themselves night vision, and so had poked at his head entirely in the dark in an empty classroom. It was perfect appropriate good. And he was feeling good, too. A bit weird right now, since today was one of the three days per week that Holland had directed him to wash his hair (well, technically Holland had explained that washing every other day was best, but there were seven days in a week and it was easier for him to just pick three days and circle them in his calendar) and on top of that he’d brushed it, too, which made for the… fourth day in a row (he’d forgotten a few times already). His whole scalp felt different. But his hair was a lot softer than it had been in a while.

It was super tempting to put Jaws on his head - he was certain the mouse would appreciate the new softness - but he’d promised Holland to hold off on that, and he was trying to keep that promise. Even though it was hard.

He started when the couch squished beside him and blinked his eyes open to see Maverick. Jaws, too, poked his nose up from between Russell’s legs at the new arrival, sniffing at the air. “Uh. Hi?” The older Cetus went on to ask about their homework, and Russell tried to pay attention but he was also trying not to pay attention, because Maverick was making a lot of eye contact and that was strange but he was also wearing very… unique clothes and that was strange, too, and where was Russell supposed to look? He settled for looking kind of at his knee and his toes beyond them. His sandals were kicked off on the floor, and his sock pattern didn’t match anything else he was wearing, but the shades all came off as a bold mid-grey and matched nicely. “I… started,” he answered slowly, wiggling his brain off letters home and onto Newton and hm, now he wanted a fig newton. “Magic as a force, yeah?” Russell was pretty confident about his science knowledge, but he still phrased it as a question, because wow this was a spontaneous conversation he really wasn’t ready for.

  • This is as friendly as I get [Russell] - Maverick Buchannan , Sat Sep 30 18:06
    With a complete semester at RMI under his belt now, Mave was coming to the conclusion that nobody here cared about him. That was a good thing, a pleasant change of pace compared to his previous... more
    • I'm confused - Russell Drew, Sat Sep 30 23:51
      • You're always confused though. - Maverick, Tue Oct 3 14:07
        A thought occurred to him: Russell's hair didn't look like it's usual disaster. Huh. Mave was actually kinda surprised he hadn't noticed earlier, but he supposed he was too occupied by being blinded... more
        • You're really not helping this situation - Russell, Thu Oct 5 23:11
          He offered up a tentative shrug. “Sure?” Even when using just single words, they often came out sounding like a question. This was apparently no exception. Russell couldn’t help feeling a very tiny... more
          • Whatever, I'm doing my best - Maverick, Sun Oct 15 13:48
            Admittedly, Mave was pretty bad at taking compliments. When Holland had reacted positively to his art, his immediate reaction had been to disagree (which was his immediate reaction to most things,... more
            • I guess I'll try harder, too - Russell, Mon Oct 16 20:44
              Jaws had a very strong sense of loyalty. Not to his owner, oh, gosh no. Jaws was fiercely loyal to two things and two things only, namely (a) getting attention and (b) getting food. The extended hand ... more
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