You're really not helping this situation
Thu Oct 5, 2017 23:11

He offered up a tentative shrug. “Sure?” Even when using just single words, they often came out sounding like a question. This was apparently no exception. Russell couldn’t help feeling a very tiny little bit suspicious; other students didn’t actively request to work with him on the regular, so to be randomly approached by Maverick with such a request was really out of the norm. “I mean, I don’t have it on me,” he hastily added, because even if it was suspicious, it was still another person voluntarily interacting with him and he should at least humour it, “but you can get it.” A pause as he rethought his words. “Er. I. I can get it.” Yeah, they were technically neighbours in the boys’ dorms, so technically Maverick could just go up and get it, but Russell’s room was quite intentionally shaped to his tastes and he doubted anyone else could find anything in it.

Maverick followed this rather out-of-the-ordinary intentional work-partner-seeking (shush, words were hard right now) by acknowledging Russell’s hair in an undeniably complimentary way. Which was just… making words even harder. Russell didn’t do compliments very well, like, ever, not even when they came from Marissa, who was basically his only human friend at RMI. (Holland was friendly, but they couldn’t possibly see him as a friend, he thought. They had nicely lectured him about hair and nicely given him sort of a makeover and those were the types of things people did for people they felt sorry for or ashamed of or something like that, not people they considered on something resembling an equal plane that they might one day be friends with.) His normal reaction to compliments, even ones from Marissa, was to blush and try to hide and sometimes forget English, too. So to get a compliment from someone he was pretty sure disliked him otherwise…

Russell proceeded to blush - not just on his face like normal, but it felt like his arms and legs were hot too, sigh. He then realized he had shrunk further into the couch, all the while still not saying anything in return to Maverick, but there was nothing to say except literally anything else. “I started with the Second Law,” he stated, abruptly flinging up the new topic and fortunately refraining from literally flinging up his hands to accompany this. “The First seems really basic and intuitive, and the Third I don’t even know how to relate to magic, but the Second is pure math. Mass-times-acceleration equals force,” he recited, failing to realize how his voice was speeding up in his embarrassment, “which raises questions about how mass-changing spells like Engorgio factor in, since Newton was accounting for constant mass, or stuff like Banishing charms, since does that even count as acceleration and--” Cutting himself off, Russell finally did something resembling flinging via leaping to his feet, “--uh and I’ll just get my paper. Jaws, stay.” Still carrying his notebook and pencils, and still absent his sandals, Russell darted up towards the dorms, heart racing. Because he was running, obviously.

The black mouse left on the couch blinked twice, made a very small sneeze, and then ambled over to see if this strange new boy was wearing anything edible. Russell’s clothes were clothes, not food, but one could hope that other humans were less predictable.

  • You're always confused though. - Maverick, Tue Oct 3 14:07
    A thought occurred to him: Russell's hair didn't look like it's usual disaster. Huh. Mave was actually kinda surprised he hadn't noticed earlier, but he supposed he was too occupied by being blinded... more
    • You're really not helping this situation - Russell, Thu Oct 5 23:11
      • Whatever, I'm doing my best - Maverick, Sun Oct 15 13:48
        Admittedly, Mave was pretty bad at taking compliments. When Holland had reacted positively to his art, his immediate reaction had been to disagree (which was his immediate reaction to most things,... more
        • I guess I'll try harder, too - Russell, Mon Oct 16 20:44
          Jaws had a very strong sense of loyalty. Not to his owner, oh, gosh no. Jaws was fiercely loyal to two things and two things only, namely (a) getting attention and (b) getting food. The extended hand ... more
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