Whatever, I'm doing my best
Sun Oct 15, 2017 13:48

Admittedly, Mave was pretty bad at taking compliments. When Holland had reacted positively to his art, his immediate reaction had been to disagree (which was his immediate reaction to most things, really) and degrade his own work. Maverick didn't usually get a lot of compliments in his life, so it was an experience in which he was unpracticed.

However, compared to Russell, he was a compliment master. Jesus Christ. Maverick hadn't expected a long chat about hair practices or anything, but an acknowledgement - maybe a thanks - might've been cool. He knew Russell had heard him because his normal awkwardness magnified. But whatever, they could just go back to talking about the essay.

...Or not, as Russell jumped up to go fetch his paper. Mave sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose and leaning his head back. He didn't stay that way for long, though, because he felt tiny exhalations blowing on his leg. Maverick looked down and saw Russell’s mouse checking him out. Maybe it wasn't used to clothes that matched. “Hey,” he said to it flatly, offering the point of his index finger for it to sniff. “What's up, little man?”

He flattened his hand after a moment to offer its surface for the mouse to climb on. Mave wasn't a people person, but animals were pretty okay. And while Russell was pretty weird, it wasn't the mouse’s fault it got settled with him.

  • You're really not helping this situation - Russell, Thu Oct 5 23:11
    He offered up a tentative shrug. “Sure?” Even when using just single words, they often came out sounding like a question. This was apparently no exception. Russell couldn’t help feeling a very tiny... more
    • Whatever, I'm doing my best - Maverick, Sun Oct 15 13:48
      • I guess I'll try harder, too - Russell, Mon Oct 16 20:44
        Jaws had a very strong sense of loyalty. Not to his owner, oh, gosh no. Jaws was fiercely loyal to two things and two things only, namely (a) getting attention and (b) getting food. The extended hand ... more
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