I guess I'll try harder, too
Mon Oct 16, 2017 20:44

Jaws had a very strong sense of loyalty. Not to his owner, oh, gosh no. Jaws was fiercely loyal to two things and two things only, namely (a) getting attention and (b) getting food. The extended hand was, therefore, approached with great curiosity, followed by great disappointment. It didn’t smell like this new boy was offering food. But hands were hands and attention was good, so the small mouse only squeaked and scrambled on, running a sniffing whiskered nose around the palm before darting up the waiting arm.

Meanwhile, the human Drew was blissfully oblivious of the mouse’s seemingly instant adoption of Maverick, because he was very un-blissfully aware of how easy his paper had been to find. It had literally been sitting on top of his bed, the first in the stack of papers since it was the last one he’d been working on, and that was no good because how was he supposed to stall going back down now? Russell couldn’t just pretend he was taking a long time finding it. He was an awful pretender. If he spent just one more minute standing here aimlessly and then went down and Maverick even looked at him the wrong way (hint: that was every way), he’d blab it out and their entire House would find out and think he was even worse at being a human.

So rather than stand aimlessly in his dorm doing nothing but sweating about how to hide the fact he was sweating, Russell decided to make a pit stop in the restroom. Where he sat on the counter in the dark and whisper-counted to two hundred. That qualified as ‘using the washroom’, right? He was making use of it. And he needed it, right now. The quiet and shadows and lack of compliments and all that.

When he finally made it back down to the commons, he almost made a beeline for Maverick before realizing that was weird and going for more of a literal meandering bee-approach before changing his mind and heading straight for the other student again. “Sorry, I was in the restroom,” he blurted out when he was still a good two feet away from the couch. Oh, dear. Oops. “Uh anyways, here you g--” Russell cut himself off, glancing down. His hand, which had been holding his essay before he’d gone off to sit on the counter, was now holding kleenex. A small but entire box of kleenex, more specifically. Oh, dear, again. “Sorry, um, I, oops?” With a sigh, Russell sat back down beside Maverick, somehow too caught up in his own failures to notice just how close they were now sitting. “I give up. Hah.” He forced a laugh. “It’s… one of those days, I guess. Well, most days are, but. Still. Oh, d’you have Jaws?” he added, realizing his mouse was no longer on the couch.

  • Whatever, I'm doing my best - Maverick, Sun Oct 15 13:48
    Admittedly, Mave was pretty bad at taking compliments. When Holland had reacted positively to his art, his immediate reaction had been to disagree (which was his immediate reaction to most things,... more
    • I guess I'll try harder, too - Russell, Mon Oct 16 20:44
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