Connor Farnon
I was unaware we had to straighten anything out
Tue Nov 14, 2017 09:34

Ever since the incident with Marley in Spellwork, Connor had been increasingly anxious. He’d managed to mostly dodge the little savage, but there had been some close calls and he had spent a lot less time outside of the Cetus commons since then. Dade frequently brought him food and when Dade wasn’t bringing him food, Rose sometimes accompanied him to meals. When she had found out exactly why that was happening she had laughed so hard she couldn’t breathe, which made Connor blush in embarrassment and frustration, but she hadn’t stopped helping him despite some less-than-gentle ribbing, so Connor would begrudgingly accept the reaction. It wasn’t like he had a lot of choice. Even his regular meet-ups with Claudia had been more stressful than usual because he was absolutely positive that Marley would come up to them if she saw them because for some unspeakable, unexplainable reason, Claudia was friends with his tormenter.

Connor thought it would be inappropriate to tell Claudia who to be friends with, but he really did wish she had chosen someone other than Marley. Even Huburt Park or Remington.

The stress caused by Marley’s continued existence had even resulted in Connor skipping classes, which was extremely uncharacteristic of him and probably worrisome. Unlike his siblings, Connor wasn’t unusually bright, so skipping class really was having a negative effect on his marks, but there was only so much he could do. He had been forced to talk to Mr. Tennant after the incident in Spellwork, but the man had been substantially unhelpful. All he wanted was for Marley to leave him alone, yet all Tennant could manage was to tell him that he needed to talk to Marley about boundaries. Why he couldn’t just tell the little harpy to leave Connor alone was absolutely beyond him, but apparently that was just how it was going to go. Nobody in this stupid school was helpful.

Worse, their father had told him that there was no transferring to Hogwarts mid-year because it would be too disruptive to his education. Connor hadn’t the courage to explain the entire situation to his father, but he was of the personal opinion that if his education was going to be disrupted, better by a transfer than by Marley Chapman. But apparently he didn’t get that choice.

And so Connor had found himself in the Cetus commons, taking deep breaths and trying to concentrate on his textbook rather than being anxious both about Marley and about getting into trouble for skipping class. Anxiety made time fly; Claudia’s appearance in the commons surprised Connor. About to greet his friend, Connor instead found himself the center of a barrage of very uncomfortable words about a very uncomfortable subject from a friend who looked very upset. As she spoke, Connor just got increasingly confused and his panic heightened. What in Merlin’s name? Oh no and now she looked like she was going to cry.

“Claudia, I would never go on a date with Marley Chapman,” Connor said quickly, his voice cracking inconveniently. “You know my feelings about her. She is rude, impulsive, has absolutely no respect for propriety or boundaries - I try to avoid speaking to her! Not to mention that our arrangement absolutely precludes any such activity; it would be terrible of me to do such a thing even if Marley weren’t particularly heinous.” Connor was typically nicer about Marley around Claudia, in respect of their friendship, but it looked like Marley was spreading lies about him to Claudia and upsetting her and that was just horrible of her. “I’m so sorry she argued with you but I genuinely do not understand what would make her utter such a falsehood.”

  • Let's get this straightened out [Connor] - Claudia Dubois, Mon Nov 13 15:51
    Never had a class been so enlightening, and Claudia was most definitely not referencing the Lurlina faeries she had eventually helped to collect back into their cages. She had been told that she was... more
    • I was unaware we had to straighten anything out - Connor Farnon, Tue Nov 14 09:34
      • I believe that is part of the problem - Claudia, Tue Nov 14 10:59
        Connor’s first words were to confirm what Claudia had believed until her recent class: that dating Marley was simply not something he would do. He then went on to outline why he would never date... more
        • Fortunately, it seemed as though Claudia hadn’t taken Connor’s attacks on Marley poorly. Connor felt slightly embarrassed about his outburst, but he felt that it was justified given the... more
          • That's a defeatist attitude - Claudia, Tue Nov 21 15:45
            Although she was keen to understand what had happened to so fully disrupt her previously functioning and very agreeable friendship equilibrium, Claudia couldn’t help but be intrigued by the... more
            • I've never been one for optimism - Connor, Mon Nov 27 09:17
              Although Connor had been concerned that Claudia would take his comments about Marley badly, it seemed as though his friend understood, at least partially, the things Marley was capable of. It did not ... more
              • You should be prepared for this, then - Claudia, Tue Nov 28 16:05
                Connor’s affirmation that Marley had asked him on a date was such a relief to hear that Claudia almost laughed. Such a reaction, however, despite the comedic value inherent in her friends’ respective ... more
                • Oh no . There were, to be quite frank, not very many scenarios in life that Connor was particularly well-prepared for. The whole situation with Marley had definitely demonstrated that, if nothing... more
                  • I was not prepared for This - Claudia, Wed Nov 29 16:46
                    Claudia was mortified. It felt like barely any time ago at all that she was inwardly judging Marley for making such a scene with her unrestrained, emotional hysteria, and yet here Claudia was,... more
                    • At least we're on the same page - Connor, Wed Nov 29 18:46
                      All-in-all, Connor was still very confused but Claudia seemed to be less upset so at least something was going correctly. Or, rather, more correctly, as this conversation could not have been said to... more
                      • Best bookmark it - Claudia, Sat Dec 2 16:54
                        When Connor agreed to pretend as those this whole nightmare had never occurred, Claudia sighed again in relief, and finally managed to compose herself to as close to normality as she could muster.... more
                        • Done and done - Connor, Sat Dec 9 12:26
                          It wasn’t that Connor particularly minded Claudia having her own plans for that evening - their relationship had an implicit understanding of their differences as well as their similarities. It was... more
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