Elijah Carthy
Too Many Stars in the Sky [Tag: Camilla]
Thu Jan 12, 2017 13:25

It had been six years since Elijah started at RMI and he had loved every minute of it. But he was getting older now (he had certainly settled down from his wayward beginner years) and his mother had spoken more about the future over summer than she had ever. Normally, Agatha was content to just let Elijah be, but her questions and their conversations had a distinct feeling of prodding. She was trying to figure out her adoptive son and what he had in store for his future. Elijah, on the other hand, was just focused on passing his IMPs next year. That was about as far as his goals reached.

Well, that and surviving the year he was presently in. Something just felt different about this year and the Cetus couldn’t peg what it was. The Opening Feast, which had ended less than an hour ago, had been the same. The sorting had been the same, as had the batch of curious first years and the odd transfer student. His conversation with Andres had been a little different, but that just seemed to be nerves on both their parts. Everything was the same right down to the moving mural that Elijah had his eyes fixed on.

The image had been in the common room since he had started and it was by far his favorite part of the school. The night sky was vast, but the mural allowed the students simply to watch as it filtered through. “Argo Navis,” the male whispered into the mostly empty common room as another star formation flitted into view. “Carina, Vela, Puppis, and Pyxis.” It took a few seconds for the rest of the cluster to appear, but Elijah knew them anyway. “Volans and Columba.” While the two latter two constellations were not part of the great ship itself, they were just as vital to the whole picture.

Elijah let his head drop back, the bean bag he had chosen to occupy shifting to accommodate the weight that had settled onto it. He closed his eyes, letting the constellations drift in his mind’s eye. The night sky had always fascinated the male, an obsession that no one quite understood. Except for of course, his mother. The one woman who had believed in him regardless of what foolish, youthful things he had done in his life. Agatha Carthy was his inspiration and (in the boy’s mind) she was certainly the only star he needed in his life. But, as time had gone on, her light had started to dim as her health began to fail.

It had been the source of stress over his summer vacation and no doubt the reason that Agatha had been insistent on knowing what it was Elijah wanted to do with his life. Jacob was already set, hard-working and engaged no less. But Elijah lived a completely different life, one that the woman was unfamiliar with. It was why the sixth-year did his best to placate her whenever he could. Yet, he was scared. He couldn’t lose her - not now – not when he was so close. In any case, the difference was not in RMI, it was in him. The summer had aged him in ways that one couldn’t see with their eyes.

He’d yet to decide if that was good or bad.

But there was one person he felt could help him with that and now that he was back at school, he could actually communicate with them. It was why he was still out in the common room, waiting. He was waiting for the person he considered to be his best friend. Elijah had spotted Camilla at the Opening Feast, but his conversation with Andy had kept him busy. Plus, even if they didn’t really talk for too long, he just wanted to see her. He hoped that she had gotten the note that he’d sent with Phyxius (the infernal owl that his mother had insisted upon purchasing for him that summer) asking her to meet him in the common room. If she hadn’t, well, at least he could gaze at the stars.

    • There are never too many stars in the sly - Camilla Baird, Fri Jan 13 21:32
      Summer break had been the same as every year, Camilla had spent it enclosed in the english countryside with her maternal grandparents out of the public eye. Camilla Amalia Baird had been subtly... more
      • Apparently, his moronic owl actually proved to be of some use. Elijah hadn't been sure that it would be, considering it didn't seem to understand basic commands. Blue-green eyes (currently more blue... more
        • You are the sweetest - Camilla, Tue Jan 17 22:10
          It had taken a few years for Camilla to actually learn to trust the other Ceti, but she was glad she had given herself the opportunity to open up to him. The blonde had been jaded towards people... more
          • Only when it comes to you - Elijah, Tue Jan 17 23:51
            “Oh, you’ve no idea,” Elijah said with a laugh. Agatha Carthy was already preoccupied with wedding planning with Sarah. It had seemed to prove as a useful distraction, one that kept the woman from... more
            • You´ll make me blush - Camilla, Thu Jan 19 19:45
              Camilla ignored the lighter color on Elijah´s head. She was sure it would go back to its normal shade of brown. He certainly pulled off the lighter look, but she was not going to encourage him!... more
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