I'm not sure we'll be able to find a solution
Mon Nov 20, 2017 08:41

Fortunately, it seemed as though Claudia hadn’t taken Connor’s attacks on Marley poorly. Connor felt slightly embarrassed about his outburst, but he felt that it was justified given the circumstances. Not only was Marley stalking him and tormenting him, but she had also clearly concocted some sort of plan to drive a wedge between himself and his closest friend, probably in order to wriggle her way in there like some sort of gelatinous evil. It was rude, especially considering that Marley and Claudia were, purportedly, friends. It was probably outside the realm of appropriate to suggest Claudia acquire better friends, particularly given their options at RMI, but Connor felt tempted.

Connor did care that Claudia had been upset, although he noted that she seemed to be relaxing at the moment, but could not have cared less that Marley had been upset. Just because she hadn’t gotten - whatever it was she wanted didn’t mean that she should have gone to Claudia about her problem particularly when Claudia was just as blameless as Connor himself. It was clear that Marley was some sort of deranged person. The kind of deranged person who eventually became a serial killer in a mystery novel. Connor felt a shiver go up his spine. Marley had tried to kill him once. Maybe she was already deranged enough that she was evolving into a full-fledged serial killer.

“I have not the slightest insight into why Marley would say such things,” Connor admitted. “Unless it is some sort of figment of her imagination, which might not be surprising as she has taken every opportunity possible to follow me around and torment me since last year, while I have done nothing but be polite.” Embarrassingly, his voice became higher at the end of the sentence and he cleared his throat uncomfortably. “I do apologize for not telling you, but I did not want to come between you and a friend, no matter my feelings about her.”

And oh, did Connor have feelings about Marley Chapman. Perhaps they would learn about something particularly dangerous in Magizoobotany that he could feed her to. Possibly some sort of exotic plant that left no trace of its meals. Then the hallways could be free of Marley and Connor could go about his way. Of course, the same thing could have been accomplished by Mr. Tennant doing his job, but he had refused. Connor considered the merits of approaching Headmaster Bonilla with the issue, and colored slightly. It had been hard enough being forced to tell Mr. Tennant; he most certainly did not want to admit to anyone else that a girl was unsettling him so completely.

  • I believe that is part of the problem - Claudia, Tue Nov 14 10:59
    Connor’s first words were to confirm what Claudia had believed until her recent class: that dating Marley was simply not something he would do. He then went on to outline why he would never date... more
    • I'm not sure we'll be able to find a solution - Connor, Mon Nov 20 08:41
      • That's a defeatist attitude - Claudia, Tue Nov 21 15:45
        Although she was keen to understand what had happened to so fully disrupt her previously functioning and very agreeable friendship equilibrium, Claudia couldn’t help but be intrigued by the... more
        • I've never been one for optimism - Connor, Mon Nov 27 09:17
          Although Connor had been concerned that Claudia would take his comments about Marley badly, it seemed as though his friend understood, at least partially, the things Marley was capable of. It did not ... more
          • You should be prepared for this, then - Claudia, Tue Nov 28 16:05
            Connor’s affirmation that Marley had asked him on a date was such a relief to hear that Claudia almost laughed. Such a reaction, however, despite the comedic value inherent in her friends’ respective ... more
            • Oh no . There were, to be quite frank, not very many scenarios in life that Connor was particularly well-prepared for. The whole situation with Marley had definitely demonstrated that, if nothing... more
              • I was not prepared for This - Claudia, Wed Nov 29 16:46
                Claudia was mortified. It felt like barely any time ago at all that she was inwardly judging Marley for making such a scene with her unrestrained, emotional hysteria, and yet here Claudia was,... more
                • At least we're on the same page - Connor, Wed Nov 29 18:46
                  All-in-all, Connor was still very confused but Claudia seemed to be less upset so at least something was going correctly. Or, rather, more correctly, as this conversation could not have been said to... more
                  • Best bookmark it - Claudia, Sat Dec 2 16:54
                    When Connor agreed to pretend as those this whole nightmare had never occurred, Claudia sighed again in relief, and finally managed to compose herself to as close to normality as she could muster.... more
                    • Done and done - Connor, Sat Dec 9 12:26
                      It wasn’t that Connor particularly minded Claudia having her own plans for that evening - their relationship had an implicit understanding of their differences as well as their similarities. It was... more
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