Connor Farnon
Let's do some science, kids
Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:41

Connor Farnon was trying something new in his furthered adventures of Avoid Marley Chapman. He had been incredibly anxious about the whirlwind of terror for far too long, and irritated by her interference in his arrangement with Claudia, although it seemed like Marley had decided to lay off for the time being. She hadn’t tried to talk to him once since his conversation with Claudia, although she had spent some time glaring at him, which Connor found to be quite childish and ridiculous. It wasn’t as if he had done anything wrong in that situation. No, it had been entirely Marley’s lack of basic communication skills and understanding of simple rules of polite society. It wasn’t his fault that the girl didn’t understand how to behave like a civilised person.

Anyway, Connor firmly focused on what was in front of him. His homework for Magizoobotany. That was far more important than concentrating on Marley. Marley made him miserable; Magizoobotany homework made him good marks. It was as simple as that, and he had to keep that in mind.

Today’s homework was focused on plant identification, which Connor had found out that he was unusually good at. Some of it came down to some very detail-oriented differences, like leaf patterns or number of spikes on a branch. Others were easy - mandrakes, for example, which they had also worked with in class. Connor had not been a huge fan of mandrakes, even though Magizoobotany as a whole was kind of growing on him as a subject - pun not intended. The animals part of Magizoobotany was not quite Connor’s cup of tea, largely because they tended to be dirty or dangerous or both (although the most dangerous creatures seemed to be reserved for Defense Against the Dark Arts) but some of the creatures he didn’t mind so much. Puffskeins were cute, even if they were incredibly unsanitary, and nifflers weren’t too bad either. If it had been allowed at school, Connor would have asked his father for a crup. Given the amount of people with less a less than illustrious ancestry at school, though, crups were disallowed. It was unfortunate.

Even if Connor had been a fan of dangerous creatures - Dade was unusually enthralled by them and Rose had mentioned, in the past, that she thought they were fun to deal with in class - he wouldn’t have been a fan of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Professor Rasnick had been tough, but she had been a good Head of House and a competent professor. With her gone, it left Professor McKindy in charge of Cetus, which Connor found incredibly inappropriate, and one Cindra Embers in charge of Defense Against the Dark Arts. In general, Professor Embers resembled some sort of manic clown in her make-up and attire, which Connor found entirely distracting and counterproductive to their learning. Not to mention that her lessons were entirely off the wall. Connor had never been good at Defense, but he certainly was not good at Defense under Professor Embers. He’d heard a rumour that the new professor was the aunt of the absolutely insane first year, Kit Kendrick, and he could absolutely believe it.

But he was distracted again, and with a firm internal jerk at his attention, Connor returned to his Magizoobotany homework, staring at the picture of a leaf intently. Venomous Tentacula he wrote, neatly. That was it, he was pretty sure. Their leaves were apparently very expensive potions ingredients, which made Connor wonder why they would be appearing in a basic Magizoobotany curriculum at all.

Suddenly, Connor heard a noise behind him and he turned around on the couch he had been sitting on to figure out what was going on and, perhaps, politely ask it to stop.

    • In spite of Marissa and Rose’s friendship, having a roommate was not all it was cracked up to be. Drew wouldn’t say he and Huburt didn’t like each other, but they weren’t… roommate compatible. Huburt ... more
      • “Alihotsy leaves have specks, though,” Connor pointed out. Drew, who was the child of Mr. Tennant and Professor McKindy, somehow, was the one who had made the noise behind him and was now being... more
        • “Oh, yeah. Good call.” Drew made a mental note to go back and fix that part of his homework. His mental notepad also had Finish Astronomy homework and Get Madeleine a birthday present on it. He was... more
          • It depends on the subject line - Connor, Sat Dec 9 12:06
            Quite frankly, Connor didn’t care what Professor McKindy was a big nerd about or not, because there was no way that he was going to spend time alone with someone like him, in an office. If he... more
            • So this one would be fillerology - Drew, Sat Dec 9 13:14
              Drew started to open his mouth to say that he knew Rose was really good at Spellwork, and that she had done an amazing job setting up the beach party. The sand alone must have taken a lot of magic,... more
              • As opposed to your usual punology - Connor, Sat Dec 9 13:39
                It seemed like Drew was confused about what was going on, which in turn confused Connor. What could possibly be unclear about what he just said? Connor was an extremely direct person; he always said... more
                • Connor looked confused, which was about how Drew felt. It seemed sort of unfair for Connor to get to be confused now when he was the whole reason the conversation had gotten weird and confusing. Drew ... more
                  • Yeah my reflex-ology isn't great - Connor, Sat Dec 16 13:49
                    If Connor had thought he was confused before, he had clearly underestimated the situation because now Drew was talking about how Professor McKindy had taught at a bunch of other schools. Was he... more
                    • But your rudenessology is spot on - Drew, Sun Dec 17 11:09
                      Connor had decided to be condescending to Drew, which the first-year decided he really didn’t like at all. The older student was just making things up! That was really dumb and rude. “You don’t even... more
                      • At least I've got something going for me - Connor, Sat Dec 30 08:27
                        Families were confusing because Connor knew how they were supposed to go, and he was pretty sure that most of his family’s problems were related to not having a family the way they were supposed to... more
                        • I wouldn’t count on that - Drew, Sat Dec 30 19:53
                          Connor was wrong and stupid and Drew wasn’t good enough at arguing to tell him why. “Your dad is supposed to be a role model for you,” he said, to start with. All fathers were in a position to be... more
                          • Count me out - Connor, Tue Jan 2 21:22
                            Connor flushed a dark, angry red. He knew Marley was bad. He knew Marley was very bad, and quite honestly he didn’t know how Claudia could deal with her but what this conversation with Drew was... more
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