Pessimism and preparedness are not the same
Wed Nov 29, 2017 13:00

Oh no.

There were, to be quite frank, not very many scenarios in life that Connor was particularly well-prepared for. The whole situation with Marley had definitely demonstrated that, if nothing else. Connor was poorly prepared for a girl being, apparently, rabidly interested him (despite disguising that interested in a murder attempt and some stalking). Connor was often, nowadays, poorly prepared for class because of his anxiety over the Marley situation. Relatedly, Connor was often poorly prepared for leaving the commonroom. He also wasn’t particularly adept at Quidditch and almost always forgot something that he needed for practise. But of all the things that Connor was poorly prepared for, a girl bursting into tears in front of him was possibly the very tippy-top of that list.

Connor was, peripherally, aware the girls cried. Dade had always been the family crybaby; Connor couldn’t remember ever seeing Rose in tears. Red-faced anger, yes, but never tears. Charlene was whiny and Connor particularly disliked her, but he hadn’t ever seen her cry either. She avoided Connor and his siblings as much as they avoided her, so as it worked out they saw each other fairly rarely. The middle Farnon had minimal experience with crying girls, though, and he had no idea what in the world to do other than to be embarrassed that he was somehow involved in creating such a spectacle in the commons. What had he done? All he had said was that Marley shouldn’t have asked him on a date to begin with - was Claudia upset that he’d attacked her friend? Upset that her friend had asked him on a date?

He was so confused.

What was he supposed to do?

When Dade cried, and they were younger, Connor had occasionally put a consoling arm around his brother’s shoulder. As they got older and Dade cried (in public) less frequently, Connor had stopped doing that. But he felt it was distinctly inappropriate for him to put an arm around Claudia’s shoulder without asking first, and he felt that asking might not result in a coherent answer, given his friend’s current state. And perhaps she would feel under undue pressure to allow him to do so. His second inclination was to give her a handkerchief or tissue, but Connor had neither such item with him. Frantically, he glanced around the room for something helpful. His gaze fell on his backpack. There was a notebook in there. Probably he could turn a page into a tissue?

So Connor reached into his bag, pulled out a wand and notebook out, and tore a page from the notebook. He tapped the page with his wand and muttered the appropriate incantation, at which point the thing slowly morphed into a beige-purple tissue, but a tissue nonetheless. With relief, Connor offered the tissue to Claudia.

“I’m so sorry,” he apologized, completely unaware what he was apologizing for but deciding to do it anyway. “I truly am. Please, let me know what I can do to rectify the situation.”

  • You should be prepared for this, then - Claudia, Tue Nov 28 16:05
    Connor’s affirmation that Marley had asked him on a date was such a relief to hear that Claudia almost laughed. Such a reaction, however, despite the comedic value inherent in her friends’ respective ... more
    • Pessimism and preparedness are not the same - Connor, Wed Nov 29 13:00
      • I was not prepared for This - Claudia, Wed Nov 29 16:46
        Claudia was mortified. It felt like barely any time ago at all that she was inwardly judging Marley for making such a scene with her unrestrained, emotional hysteria, and yet here Claudia was,... more
        • At least we're on the same page - Connor, Wed Nov 29 18:46
          All-in-all, Connor was still very confused but Claudia seemed to be less upset so at least something was going correctly. Or, rather, more correctly, as this conversation could not have been said to... more
          • Best bookmark it - Claudia, Sat Dec 2 16:54
            When Connor agreed to pretend as those this whole nightmare had never occurred, Claudia sighed again in relief, and finally managed to compose herself to as close to normality as she could muster.... more
            • Done and done - Connor, Sat Dec 9 12:26
              It wasn’t that Connor particularly minded Claudia having her own plans for that evening - their relationship had an implicit understanding of their differences as well as their similarities. It was... more
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