Everything is science, if you think about it right
Wed Nov 29, 2017 20:17

“Alihotsy leaves have specks, though,” Connor pointed out. Drew, who was the child of Mr. Tennant and Professor McKindy, somehow, was the one who had made the noise behind him and was now being unnecessarily ‘helpful’ with respect to Connor’s Magizoobotany homework. Connor hadn’t had many interactions with Drew, aside from the ones he’d had with any other member of his House. Connor tended to be polite in those interactions, even in situations where the person at hand was clearly not a person that Connor wanted to associate with. And there were a plethora of reasons he did not want to associate with Drew Tennant. Firstly, Connor only knew the first-year’s last name because it had been called during roll call in class. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to know seeing as there were two men who had raised him. How did you even figure out which name to use, in that case? Connor supposed there was always the ridiculous hyphenation of names to explore, but that was for halfbloods and muggleborns with no sense of propriety.

On top of that, Drew Tennant didn’t even look like either one of his parents. Which, in some ways, made sense because it was obvious that his ‘parents’ hadn’t actually played any part in Drew’s conception because it was, so far as Connor understood, strictly necessary to have a woman involved in that procedure. Since both Mr. Tennant and Professor McKindy had made lifestyle choices that excluded women from their natural role in a family, Drew clearly had to come from elsewhere. Connor was peripherally aware that some people chose to adopt children, but again - that was for halfbloods and muggleborns with no sense of propriety. On the off-chance that a pureblood family adopted a child, it was frequently because of the death of a near relative or something similar. That line of thinking led Connor to a conclusion he came to frequently: Mr. Tennant and Professor McKindy were entirely unqualified to be appropriate role models for male students, and if RMI couldn’t employ proper role models, what could they do?

Still, it was through no fault of the younger boy’s own that his family life was immoral, and it was clear that, just as Connor had suspected of people like Drew and Marley, he was clearly not quite as bright as Connor was. Really. The difference between alihotsy and venomous tentacula leaves, even juvenile ones, was easily apparent to anyone with a keen eye for detail who had paid attention to the corresponding lecture and book reading. Connor supposed that he should throw Drew a figurative bone, though; he wouldn’t want his housemate feeling like he was too slow.

“You’re right, though, it is a juvenile,” Connor said magnanimously. “So it would be useless as a potions ingredient. They’re only good when they are healthy, mature adults.” Now Connor was quoting from the third-year section of the Potions textbook. In the third year, although they prepared the same potions as they had as first and second years, there was a lot more attention to the details behind why certain ingredients worked and under what circumstances. The first two years of Potions were much more focused on just doing things than the third year, presumably in preparation for their STOATs. Connor was sure he’d pass all his STOATs, but also relatively sure that he wouldn’t get straight Os. He’d bet that Dade would, though, when it came time; his younger brother was very smart. Rose hadn’t gotten straight Os, Connor knew, presumably because his sister had very little patience for things she wasn’t immediately interested in. She’d still passed all her exams, though. Of course, Connor wouldn’t have known anything about Rose’s marks, except for the screaming match she’d had about them with their father.

“Professor Bennett likes giving us challenging problems,” Connor admitted, giving Drew another point in the conversation. “I enjoy his homework. Much more than Potions or Spellwork.” The last word was said with a specific air of distaste, although the distaste was much more for the professor than for the topic. Although Connor hadn’t forgotten Professor McKindy’s assistance in saving him from Marley, he still hated having to study in a class taught by someone like that.

  • In spite of Marissa and Rose’s friendship, having a roommate was not all it was cracked up to be. Drew wouldn’t say he and Huburt didn’t like each other, but they weren’t… roommate compatible. Huburt ... more
    • Everything is science, if you think about it right - Connor, Wed Nov 29 20:17
      • “Oh, yeah. Good call.” Drew made a mental note to go back and fix that part of his homework. His mental notepad also had Finish Astronomy homework and Get Madeleine a birthday present on it. He was... more
        • It depends on the subject line - Connor, Sat Dec 9 12:06
          Quite frankly, Connor didn’t care what Professor McKindy was a big nerd about or not, because there was no way that he was going to spend time alone with someone like him, in an office. If he... more
          • So this one would be fillerology - Drew, Sat Dec 9 13:14
            Drew started to open his mouth to say that he knew Rose was really good at Spellwork, and that she had done an amazing job setting up the beach party. The sand alone must have taken a lot of magic,... more
            • As opposed to your usual punology - Connor, Sat Dec 9 13:39
              It seemed like Drew was confused about what was going on, which in turn confused Connor. What could possibly be unclear about what he just said? Connor was an extremely direct person; he always said... more
              • Connor looked confused, which was about how Drew felt. It seemed sort of unfair for Connor to get to be confused now when he was the whole reason the conversation had gotten weird and confusing. Drew ... more
                • Yeah my reflex-ology isn't great - Connor, Sat Dec 16 13:49
                  If Connor had thought he was confused before, he had clearly underestimated the situation because now Drew was talking about how Professor McKindy had taught at a bunch of other schools. Was he... more
                  • But your rudenessology is spot on - Drew, Sun Dec 17 11:09
                    Connor had decided to be condescending to Drew, which the first-year decided he really didn’t like at all. The older student was just making things up! That was really dumb and rude. “You don’t even... more
                    • At least I've got something going for me - Connor, Sat Dec 30 08:27
                      Families were confusing because Connor knew how they were supposed to go, and he was pretty sure that most of his family’s problems were related to not having a family the way they were supposed to... more
                      • I wouldn’t count on that - Drew, Sat Dec 30 19:53
                        Connor was wrong and stupid and Drew wasn’t good enough at arguing to tell him why. “Your dad is supposed to be a role model for you,” he said, to start with. All fathers were in a position to be... more
                        • Count me out - Connor, Tue Jan 2 21:22
                          Connor flushed a dark, angry red. He knew Marley was bad. He knew Marley was very bad, and quite honestly he didn’t know how Claudia could deal with her but what this conversation with Drew was... more
                          • Down and out? - Drew, Tue Jan 2 22:04
                            There were a couple of seconds before Drew really processed what Connor had said. Then Drew clenched his fists. No one had ever actually said it about his family before as far as Drew could remember, ... more
                            • Not down for the count - Connor, Tue Jan 2 22:27
                              Drew decided, apparently, that it was a good idea to fully demonstrate just how awful he was because not only did Drew choose to use an absolutely rude word towards Connor, but he also bludgeoned... more
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