Camilla Baird
There are never too many stars in the sly
Fri Jan 13, 2017 21:32

Summer break had been the same as every year, Camilla had spent it enclosed in the english countryside with her maternal grandparents out of the public eye. Camilla Amalia Baird had been subtly exiled from Great Britain because of who her father was. The Cetus felt shunned and judged every time she was in public in Europe, especially in London. It was very hard to hide who your father was when you looked exactly like him. It was very hard to deny that Camilla was an Edwards, and even in USA she sometimes felt the familiar burn of judgement in the streets. It was hard to conceal her roots when her father and his family were internationally known due to their status. Camilla remembered vividly one occasion when she had crossed path with the wife and received an icy glare that till this day sent goosebumps down her spine.

Her summer had been filled with lazy days surrounded by trees and animals. She couldn't really complain about it, her grandparents were nice to her, and she had relaxed for two months before going back to school. And her grandparents doted on her for most of the time she was there, which was always a nice thing. She liked being the favorite!

However, she was back to the United States, back to RMI and back to her exile.

The school looked the same as it had always been, but for the last four years the Headmaster had been Reynaldo instead of Elizabeth Warren. And every year a new batch of children arrived to change her existence for a bit. If she was truthful, her life didn't really change that much in the last couple of years, with the exception of the growing friendship with Elijah. He had become a very important part of her life and she had missed him over the holidays. Maybe next time she could invite him over to the english countryside.

Camilla ignored the ongoing hassle of the Finer Diner and everyone running around by focusing her attention on a small book of short stories. Out of the corner of her, she could see Elijah chatting with a new Ceti, she smiled to herself, and went back to her book for the remainder of the feast. The blonde was tired and needed her bed. The Ceti got up way before everyone finished and headed to her dorm room. She wanted to sleep and relax, but an owl interrupted her path - it had a note from Elijah. She smiled and continued her path. She was desperate to get into more comfortable clothes.

The blonde was happy to be inside her room and changing into sweatpants, a hoodie and slippers. She gave Elijah time to leave the feast and come to his requested appointment. She arrived at the common room to find him watching the constellations.

“Hey, you,” she said with a smile before sitting in the bean bag besides. “How was your summer?”

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    • There are never too many stars in the sly - Camilla Baird, Fri Jan 13 21:32
      • Apparently, his moronic owl actually proved to be of some use. Elijah hadn't been sure that it would be, considering it didn't seem to understand basic commands. Blue-green eyes (currently more blue... more
        • You are the sweetest - Camilla, Tue Jan 17 22:10
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            • You´ll make me blush - Camilla, Thu Jan 19 19:45
              Camilla ignored the lighter color on Elijah´s head. She was sure it would go back to its normal shade of brown. He certainly pulled off the lighter look, but she was not going to encourage him!... more
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